Our Spotlight band this week have possibly our favourite name yet. Meet Gary Lazer Eyes, the Orlando band making soulful summery music they call “CREEPY BEACHY GROOVE GRUNGE”.

Thanks to their “pretty cool parents that exposed [them] to the right sounds”, the band’s inspirations aren’t confined in genre boundaries. Its “things that musically, aren’t the most complex, but hit hard because it’s got SOUL.” This overlooked quality bleeds into their music, creating a genuine feeling of authenticity and emotion. The band also find influence in rap music, listening to Cher’s Believe before “every show” and binge watching Trailer Park Boys, where the original Gary Lazer Eyes, a cat, is from. Another important part of their sound is the summery, chilled out, party vibe that comes from being bought up in Melbourne, Florida. “It’s about an hour due east of Orlando right on the beach.  It’s almost impossible for it not to feel like summer with 24/7 tourists and young Matthew McConaughey look alikes running around.”

Recently, the band have been “starting to really discover our new sound and how we differentiate from the rest of the music world.” Before they’d sometimes feel like “a grunge band” and others like they were “riding the line between trip-hop and psych.” As a band consisting of a technically trained drummer, a bassist who didn’t play before the band and a couple of “punky-reggae” style musicians, the amalgamation of experience and styles is a perfect formula for this style of music.

After completing their first east coast tour, meeting “a ton of awesome people” and playing “some really cool venues” (“all completely DIY”), their goals are modestly “to be able to make more music”. However, the band are going from strength to strength, with their latest singles ‘Satisfy’ and ‘Matter Of Fact’ showing more of their potential. With more releases and tours coming up, it’s a very exciting time for the band.