“It started out as a project in which I explored my interests in composition” says Karindra Perrier, the singer of Dutch pop band Femme Vanille. “I was trying to blend all these different influences and techniques and was looking how far I could go within a ‘pop song’. Before, the songs were “more jazz and classical influenced” but “nowadays I write very differently. My curiosity has shifted. I think more about how to connect with the listener, how to bring ideas such that you ‘hook’ the listener.” This shift has been, in part, thanks to artists like Sia, whose “amazing production” and “awesome voice” helped her “to think differently about commercial pop.”

Despite being accomplished in creating and composing music for film, documentaries and adverts, Perrier prefers the freedom to create music for herself. “I love the magic that can be created when music and picture come together. But I found out that working as a composer/producer for picture was not for me. Musical freedom and creativity was too scarce for me, especially in TV commercials. – I enjoyed that time, but I’m happy with my choice to go for my own songs.” It hasn’t always been easy for them to find confidence in their music, despite fantastic tracks like ‘Another Time’. “I used to question the importance of the existence of my music a lot. I know, that sounds very existential and philosophical. And maybe it is. – After you managed to make something that convinced your own ears, you have to get it out there.”



Although she admits to having “a new obsession every month”, there are a few staples in her music collection. For instance the personal nature of Fiona Apple’s The Idler Wheel or the “stunning musicianship” of St Vincent. There’s Feist too, a major influence on her album Another Time. “Radiohead was my first obsession ever”, and though it may not have had the same impact, “there were times it was all I listened to.” More recently she’s found inspiration and beauty in the likes of “Wildhart (Scandinavian singers often have such beautiful timbres), ANIMA! (love that single ‘Moving Mountains’) and Katie Dey (crazy authentic sound).”

Inspiration can also come from the most unexpected of places, with Perrier admitting; “Sometimes melodies pop up in my mind when I brush my teeth or when I’m on my way to some place on my bike (I am Dutch indeed).” “We’re always searching and trying to write the perfect song. That’s what keeps me going, never being entirely satisfied” she says. This aim for “authentic and personal” perfection is resulting in some fantastic music. Luckily for us, they’re currently working on new music which we should be hearing this year.