nihEx-Nihilo are quite a new band at just over a year old, but they sound like they’ve been making music together forever. Born out of a previous project, “we moved from an indie sound to more of an alternative rock sound with some pop elements.” That description, however, doesn’t do the ever-evolving, interweaving mix of sounds justice. “Our sound is always developing though and whenever we see a new opportunity we jump at the chance to better ourselves!”

“We gain influence from everything from life experiences to faith”, with the bands “eclectic grouping of music tastes” helping to create their unique sound. “Real life situations are always incredibly important for us when it comes to writing songs that we find worth writing. Whether that is broken relationships/friendships, struggles with our faith, financial situations, joy, etc.” But there aren’t “specific guidelines” for how and why they make a song or what inspires them, “inspiration can be found everywhere, you must look for it though!”

“One thing we want to make sure we do with the majority of songs is to write them from a personal place but write them in a way that people can interpret the song to find meaning for themselves – ‘Enemy’ it was written from the perspective of a relationship that has ended. But it can also be looked at as a song about breaking addiction, about finding out that someone/something isn’t good for you, or a multitude of other things.”

One thing that stands out on tracks like ‘Enemy’ is the fantastic guitar work. The “lead guitar parts are very distinct and add level of uniqueness that a lot of bands don’t have.” This remains through all their songs, whether it’s a ‘hard-hitting rock song, ballad or pop anthem’. “No matter what genre of music our songs fit into we want to make sure that our songs are always telling the truth from our lives.”