endlingsEndlings are a Norwegian band making brilliant “psychedelic guitar-pop, reminiscent of the 60’s and 80’s”. In their stellar track ‘Somethin Old’, you can hear the vibes of Pink Floyd and The Beatles, but with hints of Oasis and The Cure living on through them too. Daragh Wearen Murphy, the guy in charge of vocals, guitar and keyboard, started writing music in his early teens, “like so many other people my age, I just wanted a way to express myself and writing music seemed to do that for me.” The group formed at school as just a three piece when they were around 17-18. Their music quickly developed an incredibly atmospheric and depthy sound.

“We’ve always enjoyed that kind of atmospheric, dreamy sound. I listened to Röyksopp and Radiohead quite a bit when I was a bit younger, I think that’s what got me into that vibe.” Bands like The Smiths “had a huge impact” too, “I always loved the music, and when I got older I started to really appreciate the lyrics as well.” The Endlings Bassist Ole Martin Solberg has surprising sources of inspiration too; “I’m really in to old motown stuff, and James Jamerson in particular has had a big influence on my bass-playing. I play a good few different genres though”. This vibrant mix of influences and eras play off each other to create an idiosyncratic mix of psychedelia, indie, rock and pop. “That dancey, but vintage sound really appealed to us. I think we just try to write what we like to listen to, and we really like dreamy synths and jangly guitars.” Other, less obvious influences include New Order, Gary Numan and ABBA.

Outside of music, they “enjoy painting and drawing” as well as “looking at good artwork”, like Rembrandt, for example. Writing is another, “I’ll also occasionally write some words that aren’t intended for a song, but I never know what to do with them, so they usually end up in a song anyway” (Daragh). Music is their main passion though, with them simply saying; “we just want to make good songs and want people to appreciate it, like most bands I think.”