This week’s Spotlight artist believes music can heal the world. Meet rising pop star Destiny Malibu.

Destiny Malibu is a California singer-songwriter making great pop inspired by artists like Prince and Dolly Parton who inspire her “to write as many songs as I possibly can in my life time.” Her recent EP Kissed By An Angel is described by her as “four chapters of my life”, the record touches on topics that affect her age as well as topics like bullying, hard times and to remind listeners, as she says in her song ‘Graduation’, “the sun comes up even when it rains”. Positivity emanates from her music, lyrically and sonically.

Sharing a song online is also incredibly important to her. “They are all very personal pieces of my personality and sharing that with a live audience is so freeing – it always feels like my heart is just melting right there on the stage – there’s nothing quite like it. “ As well as vlogs, which are intended as an extension of friendships made through her music, there are a whole host of covers on her YouTube channel too. “It truly is an invigorating feeling to take someone else’s’ masterpiece and humbly give it my own flavour.”

“I have big dreams and hopes” she says, citing playing Coachella, Madison Square Garden, the Superbowl and “6 of our 7 continents” as her aims. “But, my biggest aspiration is to provide hope and love through and with music.” Most importantly, she wants to provide fulfilment through her music. Malibu has recently covered Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s ‘See You Again’ at the request of a mourning fan, as well as dedicating ‘Rise Up’ to the victims of the recent Las Vegas shooting. “In my opinion, music is equally as healing as physical therapeutic medicine. It has the ability to reach us in a way that tangibility can’t even fathom. It is an invisible frequency with the power to give us an overwhelming sense of peace, and I think Artists everywhere have an obligation to use that gift to comfort others in their time of need.”

She is currently “working on the next tour and EP as we speak and [has] a lot of exciting TV appearances in the next few months”. Stay tuned to her social media for updates!