“I’ve fallen into the habit of saying it’s pretty mellow, acoustic driven folky rock stuff” says singer-songwriter Daniel Amedee, describing his musical style modestly. He’s not your standard busker with an acoustic guitar style musician; “I like to use chants and more tribal rhythms mixed with mainstream pop structure”. “When I play live I run ambient/weird sounds and some bass synth and the occasional beat to fill everything out. I really like the versatility of it and it allows me to be able to play anywhere, anytime.”

While songs like ‘Life’ sound like he was born to make intimate guitar based folk, his musical history includes rock and punk groups and his influences, such as Sigur Ros and Fela Kuti go much further than what may seem obvious. “I love Kesha, ha!” he says, but he’s a fan of even more surprising, and less conventional music too. “I recently started listening to Indonesian Gamelan music and I’ve started taking some of those elements and putting them into some new material.” With his influences, interests and ideas his music becomes a creative answer to what folk music should be in the 21st century.

Right now, he finds inspiration closer to home; People. “I love people and all the nonsense and brilliance they get up to. I think I’ll have endless inspiration from the internal rhythms of people and life in general.” It’s an inspiration you can hear within the music, its personal songwriting filled with light and creativity, creativity which reaches out beyond the music, by even making the “wooden masks with crystal teeth we wore in the Life video”. The positive, uplifting aspect comes from a realisation that “writing was really an extension of the way I felt or at least wanted to feel. Or was a place I was reaching for”, which culminates in a deeply human, interesting and powerful set of songs.