Describing their sound as having “that kind of weirdness that tastes like red wine mixed with diet coke”, Belfast’s Dandelion Tea are our Reverbnation Spotlight artists this week.

If you want to know what that mixture sounds like, their song ‘The Crystal Dawn’ is the perfect distillation of the band, with the band’s own Jordie Sunshine calling it “a microcosm of Dandelion Tea [which] represents us best.” “It’s got a great arrangement of loads of instruments, really nice vocal harmonies, quirky lyrics, a great beat and great synths.”

Despite this, the band say their sound is “hard to pin down”. Though they’ve often been described as ‘Art Pop’, they feel they’re “still carving our own voice from a huge, eclectic range of influences.” These influences range from the “atypical lyrics, chords and rhythms” of bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tame Impala, as well as Paul Simon, Kate Bush and classical music, contributing to them “think differently in [their] approach to music as a whole” and saying “something complex in an intelligent way in a song that’s still great to listen to.”

Doing things differently, without sacrificing authenticity is important to the band. With the “over-saturation of music available” nowadays, “sounding good and having people like you isn’t the tricky part anymore, it’s sounding unique enough that you can actually stop someone long enough for them to want to see what else you have to offer”. “Any piece of art, whether it’s a film, or a painting, or a poem that’s worth its salt should take the audience away from the mundane. It should be a haven that changes the way you feel.”

Excitingly, the band are in the studio, finishing off some material. “We haven’t told anyone else this yet but you could expect to hear some new material by us as early as this December.”