After having her music featured in Netflix original To The Bone, NYC dreampop artist Cuesta Loeb is now working on her first full length record.

“I wanna create a dreamy feeling”, “A friend of mine once said that my music made him want to run free in a big open field, and I liked that.” This description of Cuesta Loeb’s music is entirely accurate. Her brand of poppy grunge creates a liberating, joyous feeling. Through “a blend of hard electric guitars, classical elements and ethereal vocals and harmonies”, there’s also a wonderful depth.

By mixing “soft and hard elements”, “bending the rules” “not necessarily sticking to form” and “combining sounds that wouldn’t necessarily go together”, Loeb’s sound is fantastically unique. “In terms of themes, many of my songs are reminders of things I want to live by – to be present and live and love freely.” Her first single ‘My King’ is a “true representation of the Cuesta Loeb sound.” Its mix of these elements and feelings work together perfectly; “when the hard electric guitars come in, it makes me smile every time.”

In terms of what has inspired her unique sound, “there is a feeling that I am looking for when listening to music. It’s raw, emotional, moving and powerful.” Acts as varied as Green Day, Fiona Apple, Nirvana, Beach House, Tei Shi and Mitski have contributed to this, “but I think Elliot Smith is my overall top choice. I absolutely love his music.”

Earlier this year, Loeb’s music was featured in Netflix original To The Bone, a story of a young woman’s battle with anorexia. Her track ‘Festival 2017’, which was reworked to become the equally fascinating ‘Grass It Grows’, wasn’t of her usual ‘dreampop sound’, but still was received brilliantly by audiences. When approached about the movie, the story inspired her to write even more, particularly from other perspectives. “One of my new songs that I am recording for my full length is told from the perspective of my parent’s Pomeranian, Annie.”

Family has also played a huge role in her music career, with both of her parents being musicians. Her father, a jazz guitarist, and her mother, a singer-songwriter inspired by Bossa Nova and Pop, “had a studio in the basement and there were always musicians in and out of the house. I have very early memories of jazz recording sessions in my house.” Her sister too is a pop-folk singer-songwriter. “Everyone in my family plays very different styles of music. – But we all love and appreciate the diversity.”

After the recent passing of her father, Loeb is “more inspired than ever to play, release, create and do. I have big goals for this year, including releasing a cover (I’m very excited about) very soon, another single, a couple of music videos, playing out a lot more, and continuing to write and finish a full length album.” For now we can look forward to her EP Dive, hopefully to be released later this month.