This week’s Spotlight artists are “a four piece rock band with keys that hops around subgenres!” They “hope to provide listeners with a comfortable yet challenging conceptual space that inspires thought and emotional release.” From “lovey dovey rock” to “funny funky rock” Couch Jackets have got it all. Though they started out playing electro acoustic sets, the band have continually grown, saying they “seem to thrive in a constant state of flux!”

Their love of “Seinfeld and thin crust pizza” along with varied artists such as Underoath, Chon and Benny Greb, Kendrick Lamar, Chano and Vulfpeck inspire them to create their music. “Everything is exciting when free pizza is involved.” Literally. “There’s this awesome band from Florida called Free Pizza. It’d be pretty exciting to play a show with them”. “Local acts really influence what we do as well”, “There’s a robust history of hardcore music in the state and we still see traces of it everywhere.”

“We just recorded some new songs with our friend Jeremy Chereskin at Million Yen Studios in Chicago, over the next few months we’re releasing those with music videos for the tracks as well!” The most recent is the video for ‘The Brute’ which has “a real “ball for life”, “vape is life” kinda thing” where you can really see the group’s style and sense of humour. After a Midwest tour in March and an East Coast stint in April, the band are touring with Oketo in August. “We’re pumped!”