Constellation Flight is the musical project of Kao Kazlauackas, the multi-instrumentalist recording in his home studio Magic Land, whose ideas for melodies come in dreams and whose fantastical music live somewhere between Space and Brazil.

As a Brazilian living in Canada, the diversity of sounds in his music creates a wonderful atmosphere, “you can hear different influences, from Brian Eno to Tom Jobim.” “Bossa Nova” too, “all the chords and progressions that I use are jazzy. Just jazz chords actually.” The vibrant mix of jazzy psychedelia is indebted too, to the “influence of Brazilian music and 60’s and 70’s obscure psychedelic bands”, Os mutantes, for example, or Caetano Veloso and Tropicalia, “an avant-garde movement, a fusion of traditional Brazilian Culture with foreign influences.”

Space “has lots of influence” in his music too, with Kazlauckas pondering the mysteries of life; “Is there something else beyond the space? Are we alone here? What is life? Jesus came from outer space?” The infinite vastness of the universe also reflects the mortality of life here on Earth. Kazlauckas wrote ‘Cosmos’ about his mother, saying “You just have one mother in your life. It talks about if someone died, this person will be with you forever, there is always gonna be a connection.” Throughout the rest of his catalogue, his songs “talk about personal stuff, like, accepting yourself”, creating a desire to “Be free, be happy. Enjoy life [and] be good with people.” Excitingly, Kazlauckas is now recording new music with a complete band, “It’s pretty interesting to observe this process, how the songs change, everyone putting a different seasoning on the songs. It’s beautiful.”