In partnership with Syncr Music, we’re putting the spotlight on the best up and coming artists out there. First up is Chroma.

Pontypridd band Chroma are quietly becoming one of the most exciting bands to come out Wales for a long time. Their track ‘Vampires’, with an energy most bands aren’t brave enough to record, is knock-you-off-your-feet stunning. They put this energy down to how it translates to their performances, saying “We try to make our live shows as energetic as possible, but that can only come from songs like ‘Vampires’ being full of energy. We like to jump around a lot, it gives us a sense of release.” This vitality also juxtaposes brilliantly with the lyrics about the everyday vampires we encounter. While less glamorous than the scary ones, “There are Vampires among us, people who leech from other people and suck them dry. Watch out.”



Their equally brilliant songs Datod’ and ‘Claddu’ are sung in Welsh, a language that’s an important part of their identity. “As we all grew up speaking Welsh, it’s something that we wanted to maintain with our music.” “Katie likes to push the boundaries of song writing and playing on the idea of a song being able to be in more than one language”, with ‘Try Me’ and ‘Casaiety’ often performed this way live too.


But it was at Reading and Leeds with their festival performances really bought their presence to the world’s attention. “Being part of that festival and roaming the site made us feel like we’d achieved something we had dreampt of since knowing about the festival.” “[Our] favourite festival memory is getting off stage at Reading and our tour manager handing the three of us each a bottle of champagne to pop – none of us are particularly good at making it rain champagne” so they nearly hit a security guard with the cork.



“You can call it Alt Rock” they say, but there are elements of many other styles in the mix too. “We all listen to a lot of varied music all the time” with influences like Shame, Drenge. Everything Everything, Mallory Knox, Don Broco and Nothing But Thieves all ending up in “a big melting pot of Alternative Rock.” Closer to home, the group praise the Carfiff music scene, saying ‘There’s so much going on it’s difficult to keep up with everyone!’ But shouting out Boy Azooga and Astroid Boys as well as The Pitchforks.


After checking out their music, you’re surely a fan by now, and luckily you won’t have to wait much longer for more music. “We’ll be releasing a new song and video in the next few months along with going to record an EP before the summer time”. We can’t wait.