South African singer, songwriter and actress Ashlinn Gray calls her music a “fresh take” on pop, an “inspirational” style of music with “folk and alternative influences.” Her love for music comes from acts as varied as Daughter, The XX, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Like these artists, her music is often bare, stripped back and simple, yet filled with substance. It feels direct, like an emotional and poetic stream of consciousness.

She’s both inspired and empowered by “the conflicts I am going through as a young adult”, wanting to confront and sing about ‘the problems we face and how we can overcome them – I want to sing about real things that people are talking about – so they inspire me to write.’ It’s clear that through her music Gray wants to make the world a better place, to see her fans “be who they were born to be” and to live with “with passion and purpose”.

She has the firm belief that musicians like herself “have the responsibility to make a difference – People look to music for a change in feeling, and to think we have the power to inspire them through a few notes put together with words is amazing.”

“It is vital that we do our best to create a great change in people and inspire them to live with passion and purpose because that is often what is holding everyone back from being happy, especially in today’s society.”