We sat down to hear about only the new with rising newcomers, Sheer Calm.

Moving onto yet another one of our one’s to watch, Sheer Calm join our Space Invaders for 2019, with anything but calm intents. We sat down to talk about their plans shifting them into the new year.

What message do you hope to portray starting the new year?
Dark times are ahead – keep pushing, get weird, stay anxious and keep creating things in any form.

You released T-shirts as part of your merch last year, can we look forward to any other items?
Probably more t-shirt designs, unless there are any requests? We could stretch our faces around some keep cups if anyone fancies it?

We also brew beer but tend to drink it all before anyone can get near it.

What are some of the topics already catching your eye for potential material?
The progression of technology and discrimination, getting older, our unrelenting stupidity and self-hatred. Oh, and all the horrible sounds we can find.

Who are some of the biggest inspirations that you’ve carried with you all the way till now still?
We were lucky enough to have a thriving music scene where we grew up and some of our biggest inspirations are still playing, mostly in new endeavours. These include Reciprocate, Clarence Clarity, Eugene Quell and Hollow Hand.

Which TV and Radio station would you most like to appear/play on?
MTV2 circa 2003, Channel AKA (RIP), Discovery channel or babestation, we do a mean strip routine. Dream big ya know?

Can you tell us any new plans for any music can we expect in 2019?
We are pretty slow at producing recordings however we hope we have a collection of studio recorded tracks to release all at once for a change. This EP will be taken from our back catalogue of tracks and then we intend to release wholly new stuff in the summer.

Are there any tour/show plans in the works?
Nothing planned at the moment  but when we’ve released this new EP we plan to have a gigging spree. We’ll play anywhere, anytime. We’re happy to travel and will make noise anywhere, from bar mitzvahs to wakes, inaugurations and impeachments.

What’s on your checklist for 2019?
Don’t die, be nice and don’t take life too seriously. We’ve got new pedals, new gear for visuals and new depths of anxiety to explore.

Which artists are on your ones to watch this year?
Crumb, Crack Cloud, Exit Group, Bambara, Slothrust, Uranium Club, and PLEASE someone tell Girl Band to make more music.

What do you think 2019 will throw at you?
A fist full of pennies and some new exciting gigs, both to play and attend