We sat down with one of our best new artists to watch in 2019, Molly Hammar.

Forget classes and teams of 2019, Molly Hammar is one of our Space Invaders here to shoot em’ up and mix em’ up in the race for one’s to watch. With a busy year packed of goodies, we caught up with Molly to find out her plans to make 2019 her year.

With the release of ‘Sex’ last year, can we expect any new material in 2019?
My ‘Sex’ Ep was the start of something beautiful and has opened up amazing doors for me so yes, you can expect more music soon.

Do you have any tour or festival plans?
Live is where I’m at my best so I’m looking forward to go on tour this summer and meet all my amazing fans and followers supporting me so I can give back a little.

What are some of your major goals for this year?
To singe at ‘COLOURS’, release more music and to reach new levels in my songwriting.

Would you say you prefer larger or smaller intimate gigs, and why?
I ended last year with playing for 15 thousand people in Globe Arena (Stockholm) and that was probably one of my best moments ever, but I’ve also had gigs in front of 20 people in the audiences and that can also be nerve-wrecking, so for me it isn’t about the amount of people watching I think. I’m just grateful for whatever really as long as I get to sing live.

If you could tell your younger self something, what would it be?
Listen to yourself, follow your intuition and don’t rush things!

Are there any future projects that are a bit ‘out there’, you’re thinking of that would love to be a possibility?
You’ll see soon enough 🙂

How do you find juggling home life, to the music life?
If you have the goals I have then sacrificing things are a part of your everyday life. Although I have a lot of good friends in the business so I feel supported.

What are you most excited about this year?
The fact that it’s my year.

How do you think your fans will react to you this year?
They’ll fall in love with me even more hopefully.