An outstanding newcomer to the scene, we sat down with one of the most likely to make 2019 blow up, Anna Wolf.

With the release of her first single ‘Believer’ in 2018, Anna Wolf has been on repeat in our office and by the looks of it, fans can’t get enough either. We sat down with Anna to find out her visionary views for 2019.

What new music can we expect in 2019?
Now that I am permanently based in London I have tour, show and UK festival dates coming up soon. A new single is also in the works together with a new music video. There is also a, as I would like to call it “Poem/lyric video” for Believer being released. So be on the look at out for it.

Are there any tour plans in the works?
There are, dates will be released on social media real soon.

What’s on your checklist for 2019?
When I think about this question in a spiritual context, I would say I always check in with myself first before I do anything work related. I make sure I live a balanced lifestyle. Checking in with myself keeps things balanced. Appreciating everything that comes my way and remembering that I am only as good as my last show.

Which artists are on your ones to watch this year?
Anna Wolf

What do you think 2019 will throw at you?

How did your fans become the ‘Wolfpack’? Was it a decision you made or did they instantly get the idea?
The idea grew organically. Instead of clapping hands in between songs the fans started howling. One by one they became wolves and I started forming wolfpacks all over the world. Its a pretty cool and strong concept as wolves are intuitive and brave. Subconsciously we have the strength and knowledge to get through any negative circumstance we might face. Trusting our gut and searching for truth. Never backing down.

What message do you hope to spread throughout 2019?
Manifesting your truth and what you were born to do.

You released the captivating music video to ‘Believer’ earlier last year, what made you think of the concept?
The concept speaks of narcism and how some people can move through life without thinking of consequence. I grew up in a household were I witnessed domestic violence. I had to find truth in darkness and light in questions. Believer speaks of taking back the power that someone might have taken from them. Giving the victim the strength to know that they too can find light in their questions of anxiety and fear. They too can move past the rubble of their circumstance.

Will there be more music videos to follow?
I cant wait to share it with you.

Finally, do you hope to be gracing any festival stages soon?
Yes, new dates to follow. For updates go onto my social media pages @realannawolf

View Anna’s teaser trailer below for her upcoming music video for ‘Believer’.