Just in time, we sat down with Ages and Ages for quite the catch-up on their year of taking over.

We at Born always have, and always will be ride or die fans of this group. And now in 2019 they’re back on our radar more than ever since their previous album ‘Something To Ruin’ in 2016. Without spoiling too much we decided it’d best for the band themselves to talk about their shining year ahead.

Is 2019 the year we could see a brand new album?
Yes, you’ll see a new album! Maybe even hear it! We also just released a new single, titled ‘Just My Luck’ – it’s a bouncy, piano-driven track that takes some interesting turns. I can’t describe how excited we are to get this stuff out into the world. It’s going to be a fun year… at least musically.

Your new artwork looks great, what gave you the idea?
Thanks, we love it! The artist is Nick Jones, who also plays drums for The Wild Reeds. We talked to him a bit and sent him some of the early mixes, and it sort of evolved from there until he hit on the image of the skeleton suit. It felt like it got to the heart of the record in a way, sort of mysterious and serious, but also oddly light hearted.

What energy are you looking to bring into 2019?
constructiveenergy. The current social and political climate can’t be ignored or glossed over, and we’re coming to a turning point for all these huge issues. At the same time, we want to have fun playing music for people and have a party – it has always been this band’s vision that those things aren’t mutually exclusive. We’ve got to help fill ourselves with positive communal energy so we can move forward in a sane way. There’s a lot of work to do. Let’s all do what we can without getting overwhelmed.

Can we expect any collaborations this year? Or any future hopes to?
Kendrick’s not returning our calls right now, but we’re not giving up hope! Seriously, we’ve got a deep well of talented friends right here in Portland, and we’ve always made an attempt to include extra folks in our recordings. That’s not going to stop anytime soon.

In April you’ll be hitting the road to tour, where can fans expect to see you?
Check our website and socials for a full list, but we’re planning on hitting all the major US cities and some of the fun little ones too. We’re always talking to people about overseas touring, and we hope to make some of that happen while we’re out for this record. Fingers crossed.

If you could tell your younger selves something, what would it be?
Simple stuff: Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep…all the anxiety and depression get a lot easier to handle when your body feels good. Also, go buy some Apple stock.

Are there any future projects that are a bit ‘out there’, you’re thinking of that would love to be a possibility?
There are always about a hundred weird ideas floating around our imaginations. We’ve always got elaborate video ideas that we can’t afford to make happen. There’s nothing worse than watching a really expensive music video with high production quality that does nothing more than make someone look tough or sexy. Why do I care if you look tough or sexy? What a boring way to spend money! Send us a thousand bucks and we’ll make something weird you haven’t seen before.

How do you find juggling home life, to the music life?
It’s important for us to keep this whole thing fun, cuz the material rewards just aren’t significant. We just make a point to work steadily, more of an ongoing art project among friends than a “professional” band. We have other jobs. We hang with our families. We mow the lawn. We do the dishes. Occasionally we tour, which is obviously harder on the home life, but we try to keep the tours short and sweet. We come back with our batteries charged by all the interesting people we’ve met.

What are you most excited about this year?
Game of Thrones is finally going to end and everyone will STFU about it.

How do you think your fans will react to you as a band this year?
Now that we’re getting ready to hit the road and release more music, that’s sort of the big question. So far, we’ve had a really positive response to the singles, which has been really nice to see. Hopefully lots of people will come to the shows instead of sitting at home and streaming Game of Thrones. Really, we all know most of the characters are going to die horribly, there’s going to be some awkward sex stuff, peasants will end up suffering…just grab some friends have go to the Ages and Ages show instead!