We wanted to know what the youth of today thought about the music of today, so we took a 13 year old kid to see APRE and Sea Girls to get his opinion…

Meet Isaac King-Hill, one of the coolest kids in town, and at a ripe age of only 13 he’s already seen bands some of us would only have dreamt of seeing at his age, such as Prodigy, Skindred and The Levellers to name just a few! When he’s not being a rock demon he’s usually swimming or acting at his local youth theatre company or playing football and doing whatever else the youth do these days. To contribute to his coolness he can now add “Music Critic” to his list of wicked skillz.

Sea Girls headlined a sold out show at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham this week with support from the London four-piece APRE, with both bands evidently giving blinding performances that night. The entire floor, stage and everything on it rumbled from pop, indie indulgence and it was thoroughly embraced by every sweaty ticket holder in the room. But, to get a youthful perspective from the early side of Generation Z on two of the most thriving and slick bands of today, we found out what Isaac thought.

“Apre played with good chemistry and well put together choreography, they all stepped back at exactly the same time, every-time”

It is safe to say that APRE embrace themselves fully in what does come across as slightly choreographed, thought out and glorified Dad dancing – Dad dancing it may be but dancing non the less – and who doesn’t like a bunch of really enthusiastic dancing lads? APRE’s physical delivery is definitely a high energy one and it couldn’t be anything less to keep up with the formidable energy of lead singer Charlie Brown, and with a few bevvies most would be inclined to join in, especially when it’s met with a continual pop boppin’ beat. Anyway, back to Isaac.

“Many of the songs had a similar if not identical beat with the wording of the lyrics frequently becoming identifiable after one or two songs, but they did utilise technology to their advantage as they used a range of sound effects which complimented their choice of  instrumentation well”

Someone get this boy on the The Voice panel immediately! I think we may have a very successful future music manager on our hands…

Next up were the “BBC Sound of 2019” award nominated headliner’s Sea Girls. Originally from Leicester and Kent, these boys don’t shy away from a hook riddles chorus or a highly relatable verse. This is a band without pretence or motive and it’s the kind of music you can admire, love and immerse yourself in time and again. It’s hard not to sink into a Henry Camamile haze as he performs with endearing vulnerability and warmth; a manner that has you watching his every move and listening to his every word. Isaac clearly enjoyed this band, and rightly so…

“When Sea Girls came on stage they had an overwhelming sense of passion for music and an impressive level of stage presence which was felt throughout the room when they started playing. They performed both old and new songs and let their fans know when a new song was about to be performed which provided a refreshing and unique sense of friendship between a band and their fan base by asking them if it was OK”.

Now some would say that the youth have no idea what they’re talking about, but this kid seems pretty on the ball and can tell a band a few things or two. He clearly picks up on EVERYTHING and we cant wait for his next “big ting, sick critique” (We’re clearly down with the kids).

Sea Girls are currently on tour! Catch them on the following dates

March 1, Leeds, Key Club

March 5, Manchester, Gorilla

March 6, Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach

March 7, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms

March 8, London, Heaven