SaNTINO, the Leeds based multi-instrumentalist and producer calls his new EP “Something Prince may have produced if he could speak Japanese… and was an anime nerd.”

One of the most impressive things about SaNTINO is that tracks like the massive ‘Girl’, with its colourful disco and funk vibes, do not sound like it could it have possibly been recorded in a bedroom. But somehow this whole record was recorded and produced in there, with him performing on piano, drums, guitar, flute and bass throughout. As well as the fantastic instrumentation, the EP is littered with brilliant, glitchy noises, most noticeable on the simple but brilliant ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’ tracks.

Another highlight is ‘Alive’. Instrumentally, it’s a mix of the most abrasive, sporadic noises on the EP as well as some of the calmest moments, but SaNTINO glides over the track with ease. Despite being a superb pop song, it’s wonderfully unconventional; you don’t often hear a rap about binge watching TV in a Leeds accent, at least not over beats that sound like they were made by Anamanaguchi.

‘In My Room’ highlights just how introspective this album is. Not in a reflective, deep way, but an expressive, uplifting one. The Big Swirl is a culmination of ideas and sounds which exist only in his head, laid out on record and sprinkled with references to anime. In its chorus, he sings “everybody needs to be alone sometimes” over a celebratory, tropical sounding beat, adding that he’s on “airplane mode all day”, so he has time to think, breathe and presumably create more fantastic music in his one-man paradise.