For her first piece of work, SERAPHINA has enlightened us to an air of maturity that would otherwise be hard to achieve in such an early stage. ‘Alter’ gives us four tracks of soaring noir-pop merged with chamber music. Her pop even teeters on the edge of hymnal, surrounding the relationship angle she’s aiming for.

‘The Lion and The Lamb’ confronts the predator and prey dynamic of a couple, before descending into ‘Morphine’. “I’ll be your cigarettes if you’ll be my morphine” highlights the addictive powers of relationships, as SERAPHINA’s voice escalates into god-like levels of high notes.

‘Altar’ provides the perfect end to the haunting listening experience over the EP, starting lowkey then intensifying to a dramatic climax.

SERAPHINA has given us the perfect taste of what she has to offer, with her blend of genres and astounding vocal range. If ‘Altar’ is anything to go by, there should be a lot more to come from this Florida x London artist.