Y Not Festival kicks off in just nine days! We’re super excited and we can’t wait, so, to kick off our Road To Y Not series, we grabbed local lads The Assist for a bit of a chin wag.

They’ve just killed it at both The Isle of Wight and TRNSMT festival, now Y Not is on their radar. Set to play some new material and generally have a pretty mad time, find out why they should be right there when they take to the stage at Y Not.
Hey, you guys are super busy at the moment, you seem to be everywhere! Most recently Isle of Wight and TRNSMT, how was it? How’s your festival season going so far?
Yeah, you have to stay busy in this game in order to keep yourselves on everyone’s mind, competition is high but keeping busy is never a chore when you love what you do! If anything festival season is your holiday away from it all! We haven’t had the stress of sound checks and providing all our own gear it’s just a matter of plug in and play. You then have the remainder of the weekend to get off your face without having to worry about driving home drunk. The Isle of Wight and transmit were both top shows, it’s great to get up Scotland, passion for our music and even just music, in general, is a lifestyle for the Scottish. They proper give it some!

Your recent track ‘Wonderful’ is quite simply… wonderful, how have you found the reaction to it so far?
The reaction to wonderful has been wonderful. We write songs that we hope plenty of people can relate to so of course that has helped. It’s great to inject a bit of self-belief into a generation that often finds itself very low on self-confidence. The tune gives everyone the opportunity to highlights what is truly good about themselves. Everyone is wonderful some way or another.
We know you’re playing new music at these Summer shows, what can we expect from these new tracks?
Once again a lot of relatable content, we’ve a sound of our own now and it’s becoming increasingly recognisable. Expect a little more attitude because the stuff we are writing about truly means a lot to us!
You’re playing at Y Not Festival next week, looking forward to it? 
Yer we played Y-Not last year and of all the festivals we played it was definitely the best. It’s pretty local to us so it’s great to be apart of the local lads and lasses! We provide the majority of parties at all festivals but this one especially! There’s a lot of expectation after last year as it went off!
Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at Y Not Festival?
The majority of bands we are most looking forward to seeing are playing on the Jack Rocks This Feeling stage which is where we are playing ourselves. Top this feeling bands such as the surrenders and solo artist Emily Capell always put on great shows. Other than that we are looking forward to rhythm method and bad sounds.
If you could collaborate with any artist on the lineup, who would it be and why?
Definitely, clean bandit, they have a good eye for new artists and have a sound which we feel we would work well with.

What can people expect from your Truck set? Any new material appearances?
New material yes, plenty of energy and meaning to our delivery! We have a lot to say and people really oughta have some fun with us
How does playing festivals compare to your own gigs? Do you have a preference?
Our own gigs are great but as any artist will tell you there’s a lot more stress involved when doing your own shows. A festival is an appearance and the rest of the weekend is yours to do whatever you please.
Have you got many other festival appearances planned for us to get excited about?
We have another major festival of which we can’t announce just yet. just keep reading our stories, who knows where it may lead us.
What are your top festival survival tips?
You aren’t meant to survive at festivals if survival is the aim I would suggest not going.
For more information on Y Not Festival, please visit here.