With Twisterella Festival fast approaching, with it, giving the folks of Middlesborough a chance to catch Cape Cub live, what better excuse for a catch-up?!

We had a chat with him about his new track, inspirations and why you should be seeing him on Saturday.

Hey! Your new track ‘Flowers’ is really special, how have you found the reaction to it so far?

Thanks so much. The reaction has been awesome and I’m so glad people are into it!

It’s the first in a trio of songs to come from you we hear, what are we to expect from the remaining two tracks?

Each track has something slightly different to bring to the table. The next track is a bit more subdued, a bit less external, and the one after that takes things up a notch. They’re all showing a slightly different perspective.


You’ve been away for a lot of the year writing, how did you find the writing process? Where did you find inspiration the most?

I’d say the writing process this time was similar to the first EP, with Swim etc. These new songs I’ve self-produced in my studio with some contributions from the band. I took more time with these ones than I did with those on the second EP. I wanted to sit with them, and make sure they were honest, true representations of how I was feeling.

Inspiration wise, these new songs have been crafted by the juxtapositions in life. One minute you can be feeling on top of the world, and the next minute in hell. My mum became seriously ill just before summer – luckily she’s doing okay now – but everything felt like it was crashing down around me. When life is like that, as a songwriter I feel the only way to truly channel, or contextualise, that emotion into something is by putting it down on paper and writing some music to it.


Tell us a bit more about ‘Flowers’, what specifically is it about, what made you release it first?

Flowers, for me, is a release of emotion; it’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m singing about dependency on one hand and a reckless abandon on the other. The reason I’ve chosen to put it out first is because I wanted to set the bar for the world this new Cape Cub music is going to inhabit, to set the blueprint for things to come.

You’re playing at Twisterella next week, looking forward to it?

I can’t wait. Twisterella is always a really special day for new music.


Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at Twisterella?

There’s genuinely so many to choose from, and each one of the following we’ve had some connection with in one way or another and that’s what makes it so cool for me personally.

Kyko’s always a vibe and he’s putting out music through the same label as us, LAB. Avalanche Party are on fire right now. Para Alta are a really sick band too. Other than that I’ll give a big shout out to Tom Joshua, a songwriter I’ve been producing some stuff for recently, and The Old Pink House too. The list goes on but includes Llovers and Figmennt as well. All in all, it’s going to be a pretty exciting day and I probably won’t be able to catch all the acts I want.


If you could collaborate with any artist on the line-up, who would it be and why?

Tough one. You know I’ve got to say an Avalanche Party / Cape Cub collaboration. I think that’d be utterly mental but cool.


What can people expect from your Twisterella set? Any new material appearances?

Yeah we’re going to be playing all the new music, and the band lineup has been completely revamped, which is super exciting. We’ve been working on this for a good 4 or 5 months. The live show is the thing I’m probably most excited about right now.


How does playing festivals compare to your own gigs? Do you have a preference?

I don’t have a preference you know, both are special within their own right. At festivals there’s a total blood rush; you don’t know whether those people know your music and you have to head out and fight for their attention. That’s so exciting and hard to beat. Yet at headliners it’s different. You know that all, if not most, of those people, have already heard of you and have probably heard the music too. That creates a relationship between the stage and the audience that feels really special, and you want to raise the bar for them.


Have you got many other gigs lined up for us to get excited about?

Yeah, we’ve got a nice run of northern shows to test out this new material before the year is out, including a special one in December that we can’t say anything about just yet…

30 Nov – Lending Room, Leeds

01 Dec – Underground, Newcastle

02 Dec – Hemelvaart, Ayton – Scottish Borders


What are your top festival survival tips?

Erm, Twisterella is a city festival so the tips are slightly different to a camping one. Wear comfy shoes. You’re indoors for most of it so don’t overburden yourself with rain jackets and umbrellas. Go to as many venues as you can and just enjoy yourself, you’ve got the opportunity to drink all day and listen to live music. Soak it up. Oh and don’t get too mathematical about the acts you’re gonna see. Just make sure you catch your favourite bands and let everything in between come to chance.


And finally, for those lucky enough to be going to Twisterella, in a few words, why should they come see you play? Think of this as new music speed dating, no pressure, 30 seconds, GO.

Highs, lows, intimacy, thrills, connection. That sounds a bit like a Craig David album, doesn’t it?