Fancy some pea-pop at The Great Escape? Of course you do. Make sure you head on down to see Peaness then, want to know why? Read on.

We’re big fans of Peaness over here at Born Music, ever since we had a chat with them back at 2000 trees last year. Check out the interview here. But nearly a whole year onward, what have they been up to.

Hey! How are you all? How’s life been, last time we spoke was at 2000 trees last year?

Helloooo – we’re currently in Bristol getting ready to soundcheck! We’re very well – just had a game of bowling, which Rachel won.


April and May are really busy months for you in terms of live shows, are there any particular highlights so far?

We had a headline show at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham which was super busy (we couldn’t believe it!) last month. That was special! This tour we’re on now with The Spook School has been super lovely as well. They’re all such sweethearts.


It’s been a whole year since the ‘Are You Sure’ EP release, that’s mad if you could go back a year and tell yourselves something, what would it be?

Trust your gut! We’ve had a great year so I wouldn’t want us to change anything.


Any plans for a follow-up EP?



You’re playing at The Great Escape next week, looking forward to it?

Very much so. It’ll be our second ever show in Brighton, so to have it as part of TGE is exciting. We get to share the bill with some of our fellow Alcopop! bands which make the whole thing a family event.


Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at the festival?

Calva Louise, False Advertising, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Dream Wife and Japanese Breakfast.


What can people expect from your set?

Three-minute sunshine indie-pop tunes!

How does playing festivals compare to your own gigs? Do you have a preference?

It’s nice to mix it up, festivals make me think of the summer and there’s more chance you’ll make new fans at festivals. Doing smaller intimate shows is always special though.


Have you got many other gigs lined up for us to get excited about?

We’re playing Paris Pop Fest in September, which is our first international show wheeeee!


What are your top festival survival tips?

Stay hydrated and don’t take drugs, kids. Remember why you paid hundreds of pounds for a ticket and get out of your tent!


And finally, for those lucky enough to be going to The Great Escape, in a few words, why should they come see you play? Think of this as new music speed dating, no pressure, 30 seconds, GO!

  • Pop tunes
  • Happy vibes
  • Banter
  • Dead good
  • Funny name
  • Songs about vegetables