Leeds’ very own Team Picture are a definite reason to get excited for this year’s Live at Leeds festival. Check out our interview with them along with a playlist of their favourite artists at the festival and their brilliant song ‘Potpourri Headache’.


How would you describe your sound in three words?

many very wow


Visuals seem important to you, what inspires you to be creative in that area?

If you’ve seen us live maybe, you’ll know that we’re not that interesting. We don’t do a lot of talking or moving round. So, you know, visuals. Visuals and hats. And party poppers.


Where does the inspiration for songs like ‘Potpourri Headache’ come from?

So basically what happens with us is that we’ll be going through life just experiencing all that standard human stuff like love and laughter and sorrow and loss (life’s rich tapestry etc etc.) and then maybe one of us picks up a guitar and tries to express all that emotion we’ve been feeling and experiencing. and then if the results aren’t terrible we all go into a dark unit for 4 hours and stare at the floor and tweak knobs and shout at each other because we’re all wearing earplugs until we have something that maybe counts as a song.


How do you feel the music scene in Leeds has affected your sound?

I’m not sure that it has. Leeds is full of fantastic bands, but I don’t think that we’ve intentionally tried to change how we sound because of any of them.


Who are your favourite artists playing at Live at Leeds this year?

Wild Beasts, HMLTD, Jagwar Ma, Teleman, Let’s Eat Grandma, The Big Moon, Eat Fast.



What can we expect from you next?

We’re releasing a single via Clue Record’s CLUE CLUB in April, curating a zine in collaboration with artist Joel Burden, doing festivals in the summer, including a confirmed slot at Bluedot, some other creative projects later on in the year, and a large recording project at the end of 2017. We’ve also just contributed a song to a compilation in aid of refugees displaced from Syria, Lebanon, and elsewhere; you can read about it here. Also: join our mailing list for thorough, entertaining, thoroughly entertaining semi-regular updates.