With just over eight weeks until probably the best indie festival in the UK, we’re previewing Live at Leeds weekly with artist interviews and playlists of what’s getting them excited about playing. First up is Judas, the London based band making waves with their fiery anthemic rock.


What’s the story behind your band name?

All our names are disciples, except Sam, so we started messing around and calling him Judas. We had played a few gigs already under different names and needed one that was gonna stick, so we decided on Judas (inspired by Sam)


Are there any bands which have inspired you think differently about writing or performing?

That’s a tough one since we listen to so much different music so we’re always taking little bits of inspiration from different places, but at the moment we’re listening to a lot more ambient and electronic music like Jon Hopkins and seeing if we can incorporate it in our sound in the studio and live.


What are your favourite festival memories?

Leeds 2016 Main Stage baby! – nuff said.



Are there any non-musical things that help you create your music?

Girls – they’re always helping to inspire and also ruin songs for us hahaha.


Who are your favourite artists playing at Live at Leeds this year?

Nothing But Thieves are a favourite of ours, and we haven’t seen them live yet so that’s pretty exciting. Also Black Honey who we played with last summer a bit, they’re always great.


What aspirations do you have as a band?

Obviously we want to play the biggest stages to the most people, I think if you don’t want that then you’re doing it wrong hahaha. But we’re having such a good time where we are now, we’d all be made up if we could just keep doing it forever.