Jae Tyler is the eccentric pop star making waves after releasing just one song.

With his brand of “psychedelic party pop” and “surf metal sludgitude” he’s sure to be a highlight of the Rising Stage on Saturday. Check out our Q and A with the up and comer and his video for ‘Life as a Wall’ below.

‘Life as a Wall’ is a fantastic track, can you tell us a bit about the meaning behind it?

Well it’s an upbeat, feel good groove about the hopelessness of living sometimes. The vibe of the song and the lyrical content together are intended to feel like the bipolar inner dialogue of a depressed musician desperate for artistic recognition. Feeling little to no zest for life, save the tidbits of praise you can garner for having made something nice 🙂

The video is great too, very glamorous and retro with some real David Bowie vibes, are there any bands/artists which have influenced your visual style?

I would say that for this video in particular we wanted it to be a visual hodge podge between Yellow Magic Orchestra´s ‘Rydeen’, and Tom Petty’s ‘Won’t Back Down’. The director, Thorir, did a great job of using digital technology and green screen combined with analogue effects like light softening filters and stuff.

The Green Man line up this year is very strong, are there any acts on the bill that you would love to collaborate with? If so who and why?

I saw Andy Shauf once and I really liked his style. I also really love Kikagaku Moyo, as friends and as a band. I guess I would like to collaborate with Kikagaku Moyo the most because they’re really cool.

You’re also playing Standon Calling this weekend, how does your music translate live in a festival setting compared to on record?

The recorded songs are very sonically fragrant and “close”, which is always a hard thing to convey in an outdoor festival setting. The music takes on a very different light in a live setting because we all really throw a lot of energy into the set.

We’ve only heard one song from you so far, can you tell us anything about what we can expect from you next?

You should be expecting a barrage of psychedelic party pop, meets surf metal sludgitude. Sunshine gum drops dripping into a dungeon of funky filth.

As a kind of musical speed dating, can you tell us why people should go and see you at Green Man? You have thirty seconds. GO!

Because we’re fun and awesome. There!!

Check out his Instagram here too!