We’re so excited about this year’s Great Escape festival. One big reason is that the fantastic Flawes are there. In anticipation of their performance, we spoke to the band about festivals, collaborations and exciting new acts.


Festival season has already started for you guys, how was your show at 2Q Fest? 

Huss: 2Q was great! It was our first show in a while & our first show in Derby so it was good to be back on stage again.

Freddie: There was a really cool atmosphere at 2Q, the city definitely had a buzz about it!

JC: We played at the Silk Mill and the turnout was amazing!


You’re heading to the Great Escape later this month, is it your first time there? Are you excited to be playing such a renowned event?

Huss: Yeah we’re excited! We try and go down to TGE every year because it’s such a cool festival in a great city. We played 2 shows back to back at the Alternative Escape last year so it’s cool to be headlining a stage at the Marine Room (Harbour Hotel) this year.


Are there any new acts you’re going to be keeping an eye out over the weekend? (There’s quite a few to choose from)

JC: Yes there are so many acts we want to see! The three of us are heading down a couple days earlier just to check out some of the other artists like Flyte, Sigrid, Shells, Raye, Jagara and Tom Grennan.


You’re Northern lads, do you notice much of a difference between playing shows in the North to the South?

Huss: We’re actually only 2/3rds Northern!

JC: I don’t see much of a difference between North and South crowds, I guess the longer we tour the more obvious and apparent things may become. On a side note, I do love playing in Glasgow though, everyone always seems well up for it.


You’ve been supporting huge acts recently including Highasakite and Francis & The Lights, would you say these gigs are influencing your own live sets and performance?

JC: Yes, Highasakite were a band I’d actually never heard of when we were asked to support them and I was absolutely blown away by their live show. Everything was on point, the huge wall of sound, their light show and their musicianship. I was so excited to support Francis and the Lights, he is one of my favorite artists at the moment. He didn’t play with a live band though and instead was backed by a DJ. I can only guess it was to supply him with more stage space for his extravagant dance moves and stage presence, that guy has so much energy! Anyone who has seen him live before will understand.

Freddie: I think it’s important to learn from your peers, whether that’s on a song writing or live show basis. Both of those acts were very inspiring and really knew how to work the crowd.



How’s the rest of festival season looking for Flawes? Any upcoming appearances you can share with your old pals Born Music?

JC: We can actually, we have just announced we will be appearing at this years BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Hull on the BBC Introducing Stage. This is going to be our biggest show ever and we’re so excited! BBC Introducing have been so supportive and we can’t thank them enough.


If you could collaborate with one artist on this year’s Great Escape line-up, who would it be?

JC: For me it would have to be Sigrid, I don’t know much about her but her first two singles are just killer! Alternatively I’d love to work with Flyte, their collective vocals are stunning.


And finally, for those lucky folk who have their Great Escape tickets, in a few words, why should they come see Flawes play? (headlining the Marine Room on Sat 20th). Think of this as new music speed dating, no pressure, 30 seconds, GO.

Freddie: We’re playing a brand new set with two songs that can’t be heard anywhere else!


Flawes play the Marine Room at the Harbour Hotel at 10:15 on Saturday 19th May.