THØSS, you’ve recently released ‘Work Is a Four Letter Word’. Can you tell us a little about the track and it’s wicked title?

Of course. The title itself comes from the Cilla Black film of the same name. To me, it captured my own simplistic view of my menial job as a sausage flipper at the time. Whilst it wasn’t the most stimulating of roles I really did feel part of something, and that felt good.

You’ve played a handful of shows now, how is your sound and show progressing?

The live side of things has definitely developed and continues to do so. I’ve toyed with incorporating electronic elements as I have done on the records, but the magic really comes from real people playing real instruments together – no metronomes, no backing tracks just 5 guys rocking out, so we focus on being creative with that.


Do you have any pre-show rituals? Is there a warm up go to song?

We probably haven’t played enough shows as a band to develop anything truly niche yet, but we do go for dinner together beforehand – how civilised.

Our warm up song is normally an unreleased track of mine called ‘Pedals’.


You put out the ‘Benchwarmer’ EP earlier this year, how has the reaction been?

The response to that EP was astounding. I still can’t quite believe the Spotify stats. I find it hard to grasp just how far around the world the music has travelled.


You’re playing Bushstock this year, can we expect to hear some material from the next EP in the set?



Are there any artists on the lineup you’ll be keeping an eye out for?

The Staves are always worth seeing. I’m also keen to check out Sir Was in the Courtyard.

What’s the THØSS method for surviving the great British festival? Are you a glamper or more down & dirty?

Surviving a British festival can be tough. Sadly I’ve never quite been on a glamping budget but I wouldn’t rule out some luxury festival action. I have been known to frequent some of the more alternative festival activities including last year’s enlightening anti-natal Shiatsu massage at Glastonbury.

My advice would be to always bring your own drinks/snacks and don’t set off without a blow-up bed – it’s a game changer.


And finally, musical speed dating, sell your Bushstock show to those attending in 30 seconds. GO!

Expect intense on-stage eye contact, wild rhythms, three-part harmonies and more attitude than a disgruntled David Dimbleby. This will be a rare THØSS outing ahead of my Sebright Arms headline show this September.

THØSS will be performing at 5:30pm on the ‘Defector’s Weld’ stage. Final tickets for this year’s Bushstock festival are available here: