One step closer ’til Boardmasters well and truly kicks off, with festival-goers having now arrived, pitched their tents and prepping for tonight’s silent disco… we spoke to Meadowlark ahead of their performance on the weekend.

Hey guys, your debut album ‘Postcards’ came out a little over a month ago, how does it feel to finally have it out? How’s the reaction been so far?

It feels incredible, as an artist, all you want to do is share your art the moment it has been created, so to wait for any amount of time is hard. We’ve been so humbled by everyone’s reaction and it’s been amazing to see how many new people its reached.

You’re off on tour Sept/Oct, looking forward to it? Got anything special planned?

Touring is in a league of its own for us, we absolutely love it, especially when it’s our own shows. You get to meet and play for the people that genuinely care about the music you create, it’s a feeling like no other. This tour is going to be very special, we have a bunch of exciting things up our sleeves to make it the best run of shows we’ve ever done.

You headlined your first festival in Bristol a little while ago, that’s so massive! How was that?

I don’t think either of us were expecting the turnout and reaction that we walked out too if I’m honest. It was in amongst a really busy period for Meadowlark so we turned thinking we’d play to a few people but what we witnessed was quite the opposite. A sea of people all watching, singing, dancing. It was magical!
Tell us a bit more about the artwork for the album, it’s very aesthetic, where did it come from?

We’ve always been a band that really care about how our music is received, from the instrumentation/production right down to the artwork that goes along with it. Ed Bidgood had previously done a few singles for us and we loved his style, it really encapsulated the elements that are embedded in our music. As I was scrolling through his personal work on his website I stumbled across the artwork that’s now our album cover and it instantly struck me. As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be the album cover and that rarely happens.

You’re playing at Boardmasters this week, looking forward to it?

Boardmasters has always been a festival we’ve wanted to tick off our lists, from well before Meadowlark was even a project. Both growing up in the South West meant that Boardmasters was THE festival to go too and to be able to now play it is such an honour.

Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at Boardmasters?

BANFI! They’re headlining our stage and we’ve wanted to catch them live since they put their first single out.

If you could collaborate with any artist on the line-up, who would it be and why?

Completely torn between two for this question. First and foremost it would have to be Lucy Rose, she’s an absolute of ours and to collaborate with her would be incredible. Failing that it would be amazing to do an interpretive dance collaboration with Dutch Uncles (see Flexxin’ for reference)!

What can people expect from your Boardmasters set? Any new material appearances?

Blood, sweat, and tears… Joking! We’re going to be playing a bunch of new material from the album and a couple of golden oldies too.

Find out more information about the festival, here.