With Barn On The Farm fast approaching (less than two weeks to go!) We’ve grabbed the lovely Ethan aka Ten Tonnes for a chat, find out why you 100% can NOT miss his set on the Farm next Saturday!

Hey! You have a headline show at The Sebright Arms coming up, with support from Bloxx! What can fans expect from this show?

A big old party! I always want my shows to be fun and for people to leave with a smile on their faces. For me, it’s a big deal ’cause it’s my first headline show, it kind of proper hit me for the first time the other day, I’m super excited. Bloxx are great too so it’s going to be a big’un! 


You just did a Maida Vale session for the wonderful Huw Stephens, how was that?

Again that was a massive thing for me. It’s part of that old guard of legendary studios. You grow up knowing it and hearing sessions from it. All of the old John Peel sessions. The list of great artists that have recorded there is insane. It was an amazing day, I’ll never forget it.


What inspired the bowling alley setting for the ‘Love Me To Death’ video? 

In all honesty, I’m just a massive fan of bowling. It’s one of those things you can never do too much. It always feels like a treat. The brief idea around the videos was that they were all going to be cool settings and performance based, so I instantly threw bowling alley into the mix and everyone was up for it! When I signed my record deal we went bowling too haha. I can’t get enough of it.


Your second EP has recently dropped too, how was the creative process for this one compared to the first?

The first one was done with friends and recorded in bedrooms etc. as a kind of statement of intent, so those recordings are all very much demos. This time we had time to pick the right songs that went together and also do them in a proper studio with a proper producer. I’m very proud of it and it almost feels like the first release to me. 


What’s next for Ten Tonnes, post summer?

A lot more recording, there’s an album and more singles to record so a lot of that. And then a load more shows too. Hopefully some cool support tours or something.

You’re playing Barn on the Farm Festival next week, looking forward to it?

Yeah very much so. I’ve heard some great things about it so I’ll be excited to hang out there for a bit.


Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at Barn on the Farm Festival?

It kind of depends on set times and stuff but I’d love to catch a bit of Jordan Mackampa, who I’ve not had the pleasure to see yet. Jade Bird is another one who’s great. I guess I’ll see who’s on when I’m there.


If you could collaborate with any artist on the lineup, who would it be and why?

I’d love to do a duet one day, a proper Sonny and Cher vibe haha. Anyone who’s up for a bit of that.


What can people expect from your BOTF set? Any new material appearances?

I’ll be playing solo so it’ll be a stripped back performance, I’ll still be bringing the vibes though. Yeah, there’ll be some new music too, and some good old ten tonnes classics too.


How does playing festivals compare to your own gigs? Do you have a preference?

You don’t usually get long to soundcheck and set up at festivals, which is fine when I play solo, but when I have my backing band it can be a bit manic. I think you’ll always see a band’s best gig at their own show, but you can get some lovely moments at festivals and play to people who might never have heard you otherwise. I’m going to have to give the boring diplomatic answer and say they’re both good in their own way.


Have you got many other festival appearances planned for us to get excited about?

I’m doing Reading and Leeds, Boardmasters, Festival Number 6 and Neighbourhood, then that’s it for this summer.


What are your top festival survival tips?

I’d say bring as little as you can, you won’t end up using half the stuff you bring, it’ll only weigh you down. Oh and make sure you drink loads of water.


And finally, for those lucky enough to be going to BOTF fest, in a few words, why should they come see you play? Think of this as new music speed dating, no pressure, 30 seconds, GO. 

I’m a good guy, I like long walks on the beach and Pina Coladas. Really though, just come for some good tunes and a bit of fun. I’ll bring the Pina Coladas if you bring the mini umbrellas.

Catch Ten Tonnes at Barn On The Farm Festival on Saturday 1st July, for more information and tickets visit here