We’ve been hooked on RINNGS’ new single ‘Hooked On U’ here at Born. As we’re big fans of the duo, we wanted to find out who inspired their brilliant music.


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your brilliant track ‘Hooked On U’?

The inspiration for the track came really from a bit of a fixation with hi-rise apartment blocks in London (We used a great photo of one by William Eckersley in the video for our tune ‘Cutting the Cloth). Love the symmetry and the simplicity of them and its fascinating the way so many people’s lives are running in parallel in such a small space. It feels pretty claustrophobic but also exciting. That’s where the opening line came from and everything else sort of evolved from there.


Did any artists in particular inspire the track, directly or indirectly?

Not really one particular artist but I think some of the stuff coming out of the American hiphop/R+B scene in the last few years live Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, etc has been amazing in terms of opening up the idea of what you’re allowed to do with a pop song. And of course the greats like Bjork…


Can you explain the process and vocal/drums formula of making your music?

The process is different for each track but generally it involves messing about for a long time singing different things in to the computer and manipulating them in various ways until we hit on something that we like, then using a combination of drum machines, live percussion and software to create the drum tracks. A lot of the time there are a bunch of sounds made from vocals disguised as drums in there too, whether its cymbals or noise sweeps or shakers. We’re big fans of people who have done that so well in the past like Timbaland.


What are your first memories of music?

Being in the back of the car and singing along to whatever was being played! Tom petty. Elvis. Bob Dylan.

That and my Dad playing the guitar in the house and drumming along with wooden spoons on pots and pans.


Can you tell us about your musical backgrounds, and what the transition from composing/conducting and jazz was like?

They are all interlinked. Each experience and job feeds into the other in some way or another so you don’t really notice the transitions I don’t think until you look back. Composing and conducting is great for giving you an overall view of a piece of music- finding the parts that are important and the parts that you can safely send to the recycle bin. Jazz is good for opening your mind to ideas about how rhythms and melodies can fit together in interesting ways and for teaching you the idea of always searching for new ways to express yourself.


What artists are inspiring you right now?

I’m loving Camelphat. Huge building tracks that just explode. Who else? Kimbra, Mura Masa, Frank Ocean, Louis the Child.


Are there any artists who have changed your way of thinking about performing, creating or listening to music? 

Yes, all of them ha ha. There aren’t that many people who you could really describe as Geniuses but I think you probably could with Prince so maybe if I had to choose one person it would be him. He was so great at making exciting, interesting and poignant songs but with a pop hook! Amazing!


What can we expect from you next? Tours, videos, singles, EPs etc.?

We have a video for Hooked On U out in a couple of weeks and a couple of gigs coming up so we’re working on the live show right now for that, then in the new year another single and working towards and EP. No tours planned right now but definitely soon!