tom speightWhen radiant folk and mesmerising balladry Collide: Tom Speight’s debut album is just around the corner.

Battling through hardship and heartache, man of the moment Tom Speight has come through the other side with some of his finest work yet. Speight’s new album Collide is due out on April 12th, and it’s an absolutely fantastic conglomeration of poignancy, pathos and blissful folk storytelling.

”After releasing six EP’s over the last two years, I felt like it was time for me to start work on my debut album,” explains Tom. “I wrote the bulk of the record in Belfast from October 2017-February 2018, then the recording process started in Devon in March with Chris Bond, and then three weeks into the session I had a major Crohn’s flare-up and perforated my bowel.

I ended up spending two months in hospital, and during this time my relationship broke down. It was probably my lowest period ever. I had a week in the hospital where I had my own room, so I started writing again. Its only way I know how to deal with things! I managed to write two songs that week about my experience and what I was feeling at the time.”

From supporting acts such as Keane, Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard to touring his own headline shows across the UK, on the surface Speights musical career has been an explosive upward turn, but in fact, the singer songwriter has seen more than his fair share of hardship. Discovering he had Crohn’s Disease back in 2014, Tom spent two years in recovery after a major operation, which nearly led to the him giving up on his dream of becoming a musician.

Yet, thankfully, Speight soon rediscovered his passion. Borrowing £2000 to craft his first record, Tom spent the following 2 years writing and recording 6 EPs, battling through despite his illness. Fast forward to 2019, and we arrive at the cusp of Speight’s pièce de résistance, Collide; an album full of hope, ambition and poignancy that brings together all his experience into one beautiful record of quiet moments, joyful ballads and bright, bubbling folk.

“I was incredibly lucky to work with Chris Bond, he completely understands the project and direction I want for the songs. We loved trying out different synths, string parts, vocal harmonies – nothing was off limits. I’m an independent artist in 2018, which is a beautiful thing because it meant I could make the record I wanted without any compromises.”

Every track evokes it’s own beautiful sense of cinematism. From the meandering, Ben Howard-esque ‘Lost To Me’ to the warmth of ‘Want You,’ with quieter, softer moments such as ‘Alice’ and ‘My Name’ providing a personal snapshot into his deeper thoughts, the album as a whole explores a plethora of emotionality and scintillating musicianship, unbound by any expectations from the industry. In short, it’s a bright new chapter for Tom Speight that sees the London singer-songwriter escape his shackles, and craft an album that’s undoubtedly him.

Collide is the album I’ve always wanted to make and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Collide Track List:

1. Waiting

2. Little Love

3. Strangers Now

4. Collide

5. Heartshaker

6. Lost To Me

7. Want You

8. Willow Tree

9. Closer

10. Alice

11. My Name

12. Into The Night

13. Evermore


Tom Speight’s debut album Collide is available for pre-order here.