“I feel like I’ve never been as unapologetically myself as I am on this new EP.”

No-one likes a Loud Mouth, it’s true – but if you take away the negative connotations for a moment, and think of it as just “speaking without thinking,” you’re actually left with a pretty solid term to describe ones own inner thoughts – but free from the shackles of expectations or overthinking. That’s what’s going on on tiLLie‘s brand new EP. It’s the reclaiming of your own narrative, and doing it all with a wry smile and a middle-finger raised.

“I feel like I’ve never been as unapologetically myself as I am on this new EP, and Loud Mouth, the title track, is my declaration of that, both lyrically and musically. It’s kinda like – if you don’t get me or my music now, then it just ain’t for you.”

She’s absolutely not wrong. Loud Mouth is pretty much the perfect conglomeration of all things tiLLie; the glorious Glitter Gang ethos, the girl-power, the sarcastic side-notes, it’s all here. And if you’re not getting it, or it’s not resonating with you after this EP – it’s probably not going to.

But if a four track-offering of shimmering power pop numbers doused in ounces of self-respect and sarcastic wit sounds like something that’ll float your boat, then you’ve come to the right place. Loud Mouth is a sass-ridden foray into the realms of TiLLie’s unique brand of punky anti-pop – and as far as we’re concerned, it’s absolutely fantastic.

From the infectiously empowering ‘loud mouth’ and ‘faith’ to the haunting carousel of mental health mantra ‘mood swings’ and beautifully melancholic ‘whole wide world,’ there’s always that one message. Be yourself, and f*ck anyone who tells you what you can or can’t achieve.