Touring their debut album, The Aces had nothing but volcanic love for jaw dropped fans…

The Aces embarked on their UK tour this week to promote their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic  which was released in April this year, and what better way to kick it off than a nice visit to Birmingham? The Hare and Hounds was unrecognisable. This show wasn’t just sold out, it was almost a health and safety violation. The 192-year-old bricks were bursting at the mortar for this Utah pop collective who have quite the following over the past few years.

The Aces’ music can only be described as “dreamy sway pop”; the free feeling kind. The kind that’s hard not to get sucked into a smiling frenzy of swishy, head nodding, side stepping, accidental fist pumping, over enthusiastic yelps of ‘’yeah’’ (stopping suddenly for fear of embarrassment to find you’re not the only one) dancing.  A quartet of stupidly cool girls who found tight and on point musicianship a complete breeze – there was not one slip or note out of whack. Soft focus, silky and effortless vocal lines with First Aid Kit-esque harmonies. They’re the  Haim-and-Dua-Lipa cousins of the mainstream industry.


Drummer Alisa Ramirez was a real carrier for this live performance, juggling her rhythms, triggers, BV’s and samples to provide everyone with the slick pop album production that everyone in the room was familiar with. Nothing was left unturned.

Every mouth in the venue synced, knowing the songs word for word and they weren’t holding back on that front. There were fans that couldn’t believe they’d got so close to the band, witnessing the occasional ‘’I think I’ve wet myself’’ flap when Cristal Ramirez leaned forward to lend the mic to the wide eyed, youthful faced, fresher fans to finish off her sentences like lovers do.

Relevantly finishing the set on the aptly named track ‘Last One’ which brought the whole room to a bounce after they’d stomped for an encore and it all felt very nice and happy. There was even a bow and a few high fives. It was the kind of buoyant worthy of some balloons or confetti falling from the ceiling, maybe.

Catch The Aces on the rest of their UK and Spanish tour this November. View all of the dates here.