Indie-electronic duo Ten Fé (translation: ‘Have faith”), have wowed us with their eclectic full-length LP.

Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, with the help of all-star producer Ewan Pearson (Jagwa Mar, M83, The Rapture), twists and turns between stylings, centred around the theme of ‘coming from dark into light’. The result of four years of hard work, from busking on London’s Underground, to a Birmingham bedroom to now recording this in the wondrous Berlin, a commendable progression.

Both Ben and Leo are equally as talented vocally, proven once and for all in the stunning harmonisations of ‘Another Way’ and the brooding, stripped back final track ‘July Rain’.

Exploring themes of growth, faith, light and dark, Hit The Light is everything we expected, but also much, much more. From the rockier side of tracks such as ‘Make Me Better’, to the Screamadelica feel to ‘Twist Your Arm’, all the way to the Hall and Oates inspired sounds of ‘Turn’, this is an album that will keep your attention from start to finish.

Other stand out moments of the effort come from ‘Overflow’, their electronic tendencies out in full force, unleashing a whole lot of emotion alongside them, Ben’s baritone anchoring everything together. Not to mention the explorative nature of ‘Don’t Forget’, which takes the pace down a notch, but delivers some killer guitar solos.

Do yourself a favour and get acquainted with these guys, if their debut can be as varied as this, yet still consistently great, then just think what they can do next.