Resonating and highly reverberated guitars blended with folk acoustic segments; Fractures the second effort from Soft Fangs trickles by with a haunting peacefulness.

It really isn’t hard to get absorbed into a lethargic slump whilst enjoying this album. It’s the kind of record you would whack on during a lazy day around the house whilst indulging in self-reflection, mental reparation, and too many in-between meal snacks.

The warm and humble compositions, which could easily be dubbed over the next hot new camera advert, strangely compliment the deflated yet mesmerizing vocals. The vocals often take a sidestep from the music acting more as an atmospheric wash of background noise until you take the time to actually pick out the words being uttered. Dealing with thoughts of isolation in ‘Elephant Girl’, the monotony of repetition in ‘Honey Colony’ and a distaste for authority in ‘No Cops’ its safe to say an interesting number of themes are present.

Track 5 ‘Shells From a Smoking Snail’ ushers in a sense of urgency in comparison to the tracks that precede it. An over driven guitar and crashing snares quash any previous notions of peace. This song is such a stark but welcomed contrast to the rest of this chilled out album. Spiraling on from the ominous chimes that conclude Track 5 is the aforementioned ‘No Cops’. It has an extremely unsettling feel to it; something about the way the guitars melodies are tuned creates a disturbing but interesting experience. It’s almost as if ‘No Cops’ acts as a panicked and dizzying exhale after the excitement of ‘Shells From a Smoking Snail’ allowing the album to resume at its sleepy and unprovoked pace.

Fractures is definitely the kind of album you need to lock yourself away from the rest of the world for. To get the full feel of its solemn and melancholic melodies and fully appreciate the purposefully sad vibes its best to avoid any unnecessary distractions. It’s beautifully dark and if you don’t adopt the right mindset before listening you might just miss the point of the album.