The empowering rock trio put up a fight as they headline the Hare and Hounds to show Birmingham how it’s done!

Outlander and Yr Poetry were the support acts for this evening’s gig and their name’s have been floating around the Birmingham scene for while now. Outlander provide a very special array of (dare we say it) epic, cinematic rock with huge soundscapes, never-ending analogue delay and reverberating swirls. Their pedalboards are amongst the larger sized, taking up most of the stage floor. There’s no front man or vocalist involved in this rock orchestral quartet and it’s clear they’re too busy carefully crafting, gigantic end of the word soundscapes like impassioned scientists. Definitely one for fans of Sigur Ros and Mogwai.

Next up we had the very charming pair, Yr Poetry. Full of banter, this pop punk duo – who are recognisable on the scene for playing with bands such as Johnny Foreigner and Sunshine Frisbee Lazerbeam – are full of hot blood, sweat and witty lyrics. They’re basically musical intellects that are so good they’ve spread amongst some of the most prolific bands in town. Definitely worth going to watch if you see them on the lineup, and if you’re familiar with the vibrant underground punk rock, garage scene in Birmingham that’s rumbling beneath your feet then you will.

For those who don’t know, “soeur” means “sister” in French and it isn’t pronounced “sour”, but it’s ok because that sounds good too and we didn’t know until our mate told us. But anyway, Soeur dropped the mic at the beloved Hare and Hounds for us ‘Brummies’ to mosh about too (yes there was a mosh pit – be it a very gentle fun one, the kind of moshing where no one gets hurt or barely touched at all). The grunge, femme fuelled, hair whipping sound of Soeur is very satisfying, especially if you have underlying frustrations that you want to channel and disperse through girl powered, sludgy overdrive rock heft!

Soeur have elements of melodic pop that run throughout their set but they never fail to dynamically reach a sudden, deep, slow, heavy drop and intentional cacophonous guitar riffs and vocal lines that are reminiscent of 90s girl grunge, with sick guitar tones that get you peering over to check their pedal boards out to see what it is that they’re using. There’s something about female musicians and their ability to combine simple and effective riffs, beats, melodies and songwriting that can blow shit right out of the water and these girls are a prime example of this! They have the rest of the tour to go to promote the new EP FIGHT and we strongly recommend the experience.

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