Touring the newly released album Compliments Please, Self Esteem performed with grace and style for her ever growing girl (and boy) crush fans.

The warehouse venue at The Plug in Sheffield was filled to the brim with an array of ages, and Self Esteem clearly appeals to pretty much anyone of any generation. This show was her homecoming night of the tour and it was evident that the room seemed to be full of everyone she had ever known, including all ex-lovers, teachers and every family member and mate ever, or at least thats how it felt that she felt as the first part of the performance was delivered.

There was a slight unease and obvious nerves, later proclaiming “I’m a little bit nervous for this show and I’m not sure why, maybe its because every ex boyfriend and girlfriend might be watching” and let’s face it, what a terrifying thought!

However, through the slight sense of unease, continuous sassy and graceful choreography pulled through; there was everything from synchronised finger clicking and toe tapping to militant stand-offs and vogue poses.

Self Esteem’s sound has a traditional pop formula with hints of early Madonna.  Swirling digit sounds of simplicity which allows Self Esteem’s voice to always take the lead and be completely exposed, which of course can be very intense and exciting in a live situation. Everything else – such as the choral backing vocals, electronic soundscapes, bass and drums – are tastefully added to give sudden tribal or 80s colours, or simply to lift and drop in all the right places. It’s pop music that has grace, clarity and a stack load of class! Rebecca Taylor’s solo career as Self Esteem is something to be desired and the empowering vulnerability is something to immerse yourself in.

Self Esteem’s debut album Compliments Please is available now. 

Catch Self Esteem now before the end of the tour.