Making their return after a yearlong hiatus, No Vacation’s new EP Intermission is a short, sweet and very impressive re-entrance.

From their very beginnings as a dorm-room two piece, No Vacation were recording brilliant, exciting, dreamy music. With more members joining, line-up changes and their wonderful Summer Break Mixtape and Amo XO releases wowing audiences both new and loyal, the band broke up in 2015. Intermission, their return, is dedicated to the people that inspired them to keep going.

Despite ‘Yam Yam’ and ‘Mind Fields’, the tracks that bookend the EP respectively, being released much earlier in the year, they both sound fresh and new. The former, a melancholic track with lyrics that would feel repetitious if not for Sabrina Mai’s delivery, while the latter, an ode to break ups, is one of the catchiest dream pop songs you’ll hear all year.

The intricate guitars and memorable, if wistful, vocal melodies continue on the more subdued ‘You’re Not With Me’. The ‘Intermission’ that follows doesn’t just act as a pause for breath. As the title track, the emotive, lonely piano melodies and ominous rain and storm sounds feel more significant, as if to represent the troubles, drama and growth during and after their own intermission.

Considerably shorter than the other tracks, ‘Reaper’ is yet another example of how cohesive the band can sound. The guitars, vocals, tempo, tone and everything else all meld together so perfectly that, without sounding one dimensional, sounds like the dictionary definition of dream pop should be.

There’s so much hope for this band’s potential that Intermission is a gift that both fans and the band should be grateful for, because with songs like this, their return may herald the re-start of a very exciting career.


The band are donating a portion of proceeds from the EP to The Trevor Project, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Planned Parenthood, so buy it!