‘No Sleep’ for the LOVE SICK: Glasgow’s dynamic duo have been hard at work on their brand new EP.

The ‘No Sleep’ EP is the sound of LOVE SICK fully in their stride. After countless sleepless nights, late recording sessions and dreary work days, the duo emerge from the studio this Friday with a brand new EP – a dark and infectious four track offering that’ll take you by the hand and stroll you through the moonlit streets of the Glasgow nightscape.

First arriving on the scene back in 2017, the boy-girl duo introduced themselves with ‘Bullet,’ a pulsing future club piece that more than hit the mark, amassing over 1 million streams and support from the likes of Radio 1, 1Xtra, and even Sir Elton John himself. Fast forward to 2018, and we’re beginning to catch LOVE SICK ‘Fever;’ they dropped the first ball of their forthcoming EP earlier this autumn with a dark and sultry track forged in the swirling glitch-pop darkness of their late-night studio.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Follow-up single ‘Medusa’ – and also the second offering of the EP – was a subtle showing of their poppier side, showcasing Julie’s vocal-hook flair in a sing-a-long chorus that still manages to be tinged with darkness. Pop doesn’t mean sugar-sweet to LOVE SICK, it means happy-but-harrowing, dark and stormy and maybe even a little dubstep influence.

The third track comes in the form of ‘Predictable,’ and really, it’s anything but. Blending elements of future bass, contemporary pop and downtempo dance electronica, it’s an anthemic offering that plays out like the perfect soundtrack to a neon-lit drive. It’s perhaps the sonically brightest of the LOVE SICK repertoire, with a high-flying hook and swirling R&B beat; but don’t worry, the duo haven’t gone doolally – there’s still a pervasive sense of melancholy in the pulsing synth melodies that brings in that infectious LOVE SICK flair.

Closing track ‘Make It’ delves back into swirling, glitchy noire. Roiling liquid synths ebb and flow behind intricate layered vocals and dynamic dark electro, as a pulsing heart-beat bass etches an ever-building rhythm. It’s quietly apocalyptic – as if rising to an anthemic end-of-the-world close that never truly comes. It’s a beautiful end to the EP, blending all three prior tracks together in one saturated LOVE SICK cocktail of stormy pop electronica.

“The ‘No Sleep’ EP is a snapshot of where we’re at today,” Shaun and Julie explain. “It feels like we are laying the foundations of what’s to come and was difficult to pick just 4 tracks from those recent sessions. We named the EP after the weeks of near-sleep deprivation we went through recording and writing, trying to juggle part time jobs with making music, which usually meant having to start sessions after 9pm and then working until 5am, sometimes later and then just feeling exhausted throughout the day. For us it’s when our best work comes out – it’s like your mind quietens down at night and you can really let the creativity flow.”

‘No Sleep’ is out Friday 16th November.