Starting out his musical journey in the jaunty indie-rock outfit Glass Animals, guitarist and singer Drew MacFarlane aka. Lokki has stepped out from behind the curtain to release the wonderfully spiritual Cirrhi EP.

He has a name inspired by the Norse god of trickery and deception, but there’s nothing mischievous about his music. In fact, it’s rather lovely. Perhaps the Norse god of poetry and music, Bragi, would be a better comparison, since Lokki‘s new EP Cirrhi expresses a beautifully raw emotional sensibility that would be fit for the halls of Odin himself.

Showcasing a more candid demeanor and sound than the raucous danceablility of his previous works in Glass Animals, the four-track collection breathes new life into the singer-songwriter genre, channeling what could be described as a combination of Bon Iver’s ethereal vocals and Elliott Smith’s classic songwriting sensibility. It explores the more personal side to the artist, allowing for his delicate lyricism to shine atop stripped-back instrumentation and enchantingly raw production.

The opening track ‘Breathe A Breath Of Me’ blends delicate piano notes and soft strings, adding a backing choir to bring a gospel-like vibe to the truly enthralling track, setting the stage perfectly for the rest of the EP. Unembellished and beautifuly intimate, the track does away with the overproduction so often present in contemporary music, and instead opts for a spiritual rendition that reminds us all that the most important aspect of life is to be at harmony with one’s own self.

“‘Breathe a Breath Of Me’ is about something we do every minute of every day.” explains Lokki. “There’s a choir in the background, which creates the sense that when we breathe, the world breathes with us.”

The second and title track from the EP ‘Cirrhi’, soars yet higher into the emotional clouds of MacFarlane’s work, laying his vocals softly down over little more than unadulterated acoustic chords. Drawing on elements of dream-pop with it’s wistful melodies and nostalgic feel, ‘Cirrhi’ leads perfectly into the sleepy sounds of the promo single ‘I Catch You.’

“It’s sound world is like waking up in the early hours of the morning, with music from a sound track drifting through the walls. The strings gradually meld with the piano, seeping into your sleepy mind. Splintering and falling apart, reforming and fading.”

‘The Night’ is the final chapter in this dreamy journey, as MacFarlane’s lofty vocals reach blinding heights atop swelling piano notes and towering strings, the perfect climactic ending to what can only be described as a spellbinding musical adventure.