JONES is back with her stunning New York EP, with elegant vocals and beautiful words you will be transported to a different place

There is no denying just how talented JONES really is, exposing her true talent through her new EP, including lead single ‘Silver Screen’ following ‘Waterfalls (Acoustic), If You’re Gonna Love Somebody (Acoustic) and Worst Nightmare (Acoustic). This EP will transport you to a different place as you will be astonished by JONES’ vocals and her way with words. Her passion for music and talent for songwriting is witnessed through her honest and personal lyrics that will flood your ears.

The lead single ‘Silver Screen’ is a beautiful track based on New York, that focuses on JONES’ vocals,  which was co-written by Charlie Hugall. JONES speaks about the meaning behind ‘Silver Screen’ as she says that walking through the streets of New York  ‘filled me with so many questions while at the same time energizing me with hope – this is the feeling that I wanted to emulate through the lead song ‘Silver Screen”. JONES refers to New York as ‘a home away from home’ and with this, the city has become a massive part of her musical journey as we can see with this track.

With harmonies and her elegant voice that seem to hit those notes with such ease, this EP really does show off JONES’ musical talent and is her best work so far.  Her second track ‘Waterfalls’ which is a beautiful acoustic track speaks the truth through these lyrics. The simple piano music that accompanies her voice perfectly, was inspired by Alicia Keys ‘Empire State of Mind’ and the tone that is produced from this is used through the track ‘Waterfalls’. The music used fits this track perfectly and creates the tender and soft pace of the song.

Typically JONES sticks with an elegant and simple style to her songs, as we can discover from this EP however the track ‘If You’re Gonna Love Somebody’ has a slightly more up-beat tempo to the song, with a strong background beat accompanied by electric guitar and drums. The music however does not overpower her voice (I don’t think anything can) as we can still hear that beautiful tone that you will never forget.

‘Worst Nightmare is the last track on the EP and JONES reveals a funny story as to how she came up with the name and concept of this song. This track was co-written with ‘Lauren Aquilina’ and ‘The Invisible Men’ where debates of writing approaches were discussed. After Lauren saying that she likes to start with a clear image before starting to write, JONES replied with ‘Well I’m going to be your worst nightmare’. There it was. The start of what is now an incredible track.

JONES puts her soul and passion into all four of these tracks, revealing the true beauty of her voice and her lyrics that tell a story to the world. This EP is one to listen to, with the simplicity behind the tracks, JONES’ talent is exposed.  After years of experimenting with her music, JONES has found her sound. Electronic soul music with a pop direction. 90 million streams later, JONES is ready to take on the music world and what better way to kick it off other than her new EP!

JONES’ New York EP is OUT NOW. Go check it out and be astonished by these four incredible tracks from this artist. Link to full EP shown below. Jones is performing a rare acoustic NYC show at Rockwood music hall on June 27th to celebrate the release of her new EP. Get tickets here.


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