“The aural equivalent of driving along the coast on a heavenly summer’s day,” Geowulf are set to release Great Big Blue on February 16th. Looks like Summer’s coming early this year…

After a hugely successful run of singles including the opening track and personal favourite ‘Sunday’, Australian dream-pop icons Geowulf are all set and ready to release their highly anticipated debut album Great Big Blue – through taste-maker label 37 Adventures – in just over a week.

A wonderful mix of laid-back, oceanic bliss and down-tempo melancholy, the 11 track album cruises through glittery, guitar-led albums and hazy synth melodies in a brilliant conglomeration of the duo’s musical journey so far. Battling geographical problems, with Banjanin being based in London and Kendrick living in Sweden, Berlin and Australia, all the while attempting to set up in London on a permanent basis. Cramming in most of their studio sessions over long weekends whenever Star could make it, Toma explains: “We would end up working ourselves to the bone and just completely ruining ourselves, and spending all night in the studio til 4am.”

When listening to the chilled out heaven of Great Big Blue, it’s clear that it was worth it.

The first track the pair wrote together was the upbeat, hazy pop number ‘Get You.’ At first it was “really slow,” and Toma even suggested transforming it completely: “All of Star’s songs start really slow and melancholy, like an Angel Olsen song or a Sharon Van Etten song – lots of reverb and acoustic guitar or an omnichord,” he explains. “I had a very different vision for it, but Star hated it.” 

The different musical vision of the duo is perhaps what lends Geowulf such creative genius, with the two halves of the duo, Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin, seemingly often in disagreement on how exactly a song should sound. This is certainly not to their detriment, or indeed an inclination that they don’t work well as a musical duo, for when you look at highlight tracks such as ‘Hideaway,’ that was at first “a pristine pop song” and not to the taste of Toma, the finished track had a “whole new identity” once the duo had set to picking it apart, and is now a wonderfully dreamy, laid-back slice of beach rock.

Further highlights include the cheery synth-pop of ‘Drink Too Much,’ a tongue-in-cheek lament about the woes of having a little too much when out on the town. Inspired by a particularly heavy, entirely relatable night, Star ended up getting in a fight with her ex-boyfriend then packing up to leave; apparently, “It was pretty dramatic.” That’s probably not “the trouble” that springs to mind on a first listen, though, as the track’s dreamy cheer sounds far too happy and harmless.

Great Big Blue has been a long time coming, with Geowulf first tempting tastemakers with their brilliant release ‘Saltwater’ back in 2016, but it’s sure to be worth the wait.

Track list:

  1. Sunday
  2. Saltwater
  3. Get You
  4. Greatest Fool
  5. Hideaway
  6. Only High
  7. Drink Too Much
  8. Don’t Talk About You
  9. Won’t Look Back
  10. Summer Fling
  11. Work in Progress

Great Big Blue is set for release on February 16th 2018.