After hanging up her football boots for a guitar, touring with Jake Bugg and a successful run of singles, the undeniably talented singer-songwriter GEORGIE is well on her way to stardom

British singer-songwriter GEORGIE wasn’t always destined for a life in music. She began her journey with a promising career in professional football, however the discovery of a guitar and her uncle’s record collection soon lead to her hanging up her boots and honing in on her art. After blagging her way into pubs underage in order to play open mic nights, it wasn’t long before her soulful, honest voice and reflective songwriting earned her local notoriety. One pub crowd even demanded a fourth set from her in a single evening, causing her to fail the next day’s history GCSE exam due to exhaustion. Eventually her perseverance paid off when Jake Bugg recognised her talent, leading him to take her on a UK support tour.

Following Hard Times, EP Too Much TV will be released April 16th.

Kicking things off, titular track ‘Too Much TV’ opens up with an escapade of rim shots evoking a sense of excitement which unravels to form the primary structure of the song. Reverberated vocals and piano riffing compliment each other sublimely like a full bodied Merlot with vintage cote de boeuf. Showcasing her raw, raspy Winehouse-esque vocals, GEORGIE proves she’s ready for the biggest stages in the world with this pop masterpiece. A fantastic start.

With the exception of less drive and gain being utilised on the vocals and a faster tempo, ‘Be The Fire’ takes a similar approach to the typically pop production of ‘Too Much’. Consisting of an anthemic chorus capable of contaminating hearts worldwide, ‘Be My Fire’ receives a gentle balance of dazzling melodies and circumspect approaches to production. Given the EP consists of just three tracks, it would have been the perfect opportunity to explore the boundaries of GEORGIE’s skill set as opposed to sticking to the confines of the known.

Channelling 70’s rock and roll, waves of whirling organs flood ‘Wild Cat’ with their gospel goodness. Even with arguably outdated chiming bells, GEORGIE captures the spirit of the modernist spearhead by creating a track worthy of a spot on the charts whilst maintaining the tangible substance in her music.

The gifted Brit may be on her way to the top, but there’s one more level she needs to ascertain first, and with experience and experimentation, there’s no doubt she’ll be there in a jiffy.