The whole show was a plethora of influence as FRIGS showcased their solid set at the Hare and Hounds, Birmingham.

Toronto rock band FRIGS took their places at the Hare and Hounds stage on this damp and mundane Wednesday evening in Birmingham. It was a highly casual approach as they stepped onto the intimate, and modest raised floor, like the heavyweights of our weather had got a hold of them within seconds of breathing in the air. The stage was drenched with dark red smog from the back of the stage which created not much more than a silhouette out of Bria Salmena.

Cut the intro, the whole band started and I couldn’t tell if it felt like we’d all just walked in mid-song or if it was because of the familiar comfort of the womb like atmosphere that matched the heartbeat like rhythms, but with sprangled, lo-fi, heavy, droned riffs and tommed drum came an incredibly fearless demeanour from Bria. You could physically see the deep bass and doom like atmosphere manipulate her shoulders, overtaken and bedevilled. She wore an oversized black shirt with the sleeves rolled up, her hair pinned back like a mother marching into her child’s school ready to kick someone’s shit principle’s in.

It took a few songs before you settled into her confounding presence. Mesmerised by the way she and her hands moved through the slithers of red light you noticed the timbre of her voice. It was raspy, deep and emotionally fraught which took complete dominance; able to trudge through the grunge and drawn out beat that was well crafted and mastered by the rest of the band with strength and bravery. The whole set was entwined with a plethora of influence. Channelling elements of bands and musicians such as PJ Harvey and Tool, both riding together off into the distance with Espen and The Witch and Mazy Star holding onto little bits of string attached to the back of this beast vessel like ‘’just married’’ cans tinkering around.

Right at the tip of the stage was were the matriarchal figure spent most of her time towards the end, while the rest of the band engulfed themselves in the bellow and well-crafted, well timed dynamics. Asking the audience to really concentrate, pulling them closer and closer until it seemed they weren’t quite close enough, Bria lost herself in the faces of the staring members, trawling through the thick of the bodies that looked hesitant to take even one step forwards to begin with. Utterly captivated, they left us with no choice. We were all well and truly frigged and we loved it!

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