Demob Happy secured the position of keeping rock & roll very much alive with their Birmingham show 

On a warm February night (is that even a thing?) at the 02 Institute, Demob Happy graced fiercely to the stage. So did the two support acts I must add. Second night of the tour for the power trio and my goodness they set the venue on fire (not literally). Gathering in the smallest of the 3 stages, it was nice to see to see hardly any phones and people actually enjoying themselves. 

Walking in completely blinded to the first band, Heirloom uplifted a drone like beginning to capture their unique sound. As their set moved forwards, they became less nervous and more comfortable. Considering it’s their first tour as a band, it was a great performance. Next to take to the bright, red stage were Sick Joy. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you seriously need to get on that case. Combining Nirvana like Placebo and even Limp Bizkit arrangements altogether to make this delicious cake. The trio really had a power that blew me away. Great that the sound was also on their side too. 

Now for the main event, a gothic scary like backing track blessed the air and left the audience feeling anticipation for the band to take the stage. Straight in with heavy track “Succubus”, the fiery trio were bouncing off each other with great ease. Talent pours throughout them all and they make it look so easy. Before we knew it, a mosh pit had arrived from ‘hell’. The stage presence and talent of the band brightened the whole room continuously. Note perfect abilities, the band really are that tight that it’s like a second nature to them. Playing new tracks including an unreleased one and of course the new single “Less is More”.

To keep the music flowing, between each songs, there was that subtle gothic backing track droned. Stand out track had to be “Runnin’ Around”. It saw different sections all put into a dynamically built track, drummer Thomas Armstrong took lead, shame the mic wasn’t loud enough to hear the lyrics. Felt like vocals were fighting against a wall of noise half of the time. To finish, the last two songs were completely different to one another. The first being a stripped back track with lush harmonies, whereas the final track? Not so much. “Be Your Man” morphed into Helter Skelter by The Beatles. What a pleasant surprise that was. Seeing the boys transform two different songs into one was really the cherry on top of a fantastic night.

Demob Happy’s tour continues:

01 March – The Garage, London UK

02 March – Concorde 2, Brighton UK