At the grand old age of 26, Dan Croll has got a lot under his belt for someone so young. Alas, here we are on the day of his sophomore album, ‘Emerging Adulthood’, over three years after his last. His boyish charm still remains but there’s an air of maturity surrounding his latest offering.

The eleven-track album (Including a very special bonus track with Be Along) is the pinnacle of a second LP, teasing new styles but keeping his origins fully out in the open. It keeps a steady stream of indie pop melded with some splashes of rock with playful guitar riffs. There are definite highlights in the album, however.

Hit track ‘Bad Boy’ doesn’t take long to get you sucked into the short, but sweet album. His intonating vocals and cheeky lyrics give you a real insight into the true meaning of a bad boy, as the song escalates into a true indie pop classic. The longest song on the album ‘Tokyo’ delivers a kind of The 1975 vibe, which is a slight variation, but a very welcome one on the LP.

‘Swim’ plays ever so delicately with its electronic elements, very happily introducing some female vocals (Rebecca Hawley from Stealing Sheep) to mix up the steady flow of the album, making this the standout track on the album, as it’s so perfectly paired with Croll’s voice.

If a sophomore album like this is anything to go by, many artists will be looking to follow suit. Dan Croll has delivered indie pop class with ‘Emerging Adulthood’. Here’s hoping his next is just as much of a step up as this one.