Brooke Bentham has released some wonderful music this year. This Rapture, her second EP, is no exception, fuelling the desire even more for a full length album…

Kicking off with the recently released ‘Have To Be Around You’, Bentham is at her honest and open best, switching quickly to “hate to be around you” and “you’re heavy on my mind”. It develops subtly, growing and swelling, never to explosive choruses, but to more and more fiery, impassioned vocals. She always sounds in control, even when delivering the most emotional of lines. ‘If I Was Dead’ feels like a natural progression, still emotional, still powerful and still brilliant.

‘Losing, Baby’ sounds incredibly intimate, with her wonderful vocals taking the forefront in a style similar to Angel Olsen, who also shares her strength at making simple songs reach in and touch listeners souls. The closing repetition of “I don’t love you no more”. These lyrics and track names tend to exude a certain gloominess, alluding to loneliness, failure and death. Yet they all have this beautiful, powerful ethereal quality to them, without ever feeling patronisingly uplifting. It’s even reflected in the EPs name; it’s This Rapture. In 2017 it’s easy to feel like the end is already here, but it’s less commonly used definition is one that describes intense elation, joy and wonder.

The ending of the similarly lovely ‘Why We Fall’ kicks up the EP a gear with excited drums and electronics, setting the listener up misleadingly for ‘Solo’, a lo-fi, untethered and noisy climax. Like the title, the albums tone is ambiguous. But through the smog of heaviness, there’s a pervasive sense of hope.