Bestival certainly puts on quite a show. From eye-popping colour to acrobatics, and a weekend packed full of incredible music, Bestival 2018 was a fun few days

Bestival certainly puts on quite a show. From eye-popping colour to firey tightrope walking, and four days packed full of incredible music, Bestival 2018 was definitely the only place to be in Dorset last weekend.


The sun shone brightly as the circus opened on Thursday and festival goers flocked off the trains in droves. Finding that perfect spot to set up a tent is hard with a backpack nearly the size of you and all that heavy booze… we mean water, (especially in the 25-degree heat) but Green Camp was that perfect location. Within 2 minutes we were in the Bestival arena, with music flooding our ears and entertainment all around.


The sun went down (eventually) and we made our way down to Big Top to see Kelela and what a performance she gave! Her voice captivated everyone in the (basically full) tent. Looking stunning in her white dress she poured her soul into her songs and entranced the audience from start to finish. Despite the loud R&B beats, Kelela was the one in charge, with her empowering voice that drove each and every song. After Kelela hyped us up we were ready to venture into the night, and of course, Jorja Smith smashed it with her vocals. Performing her most well-known songs such as, ‘Blue Lights’, ‘Let Me Down’ and ‘On My Mind’, she had the packed tent singing along during her hour-long set!


Soon it was Friday and the festival was about to step it up a gear. Glitter was on, the crazy costumes were out and everyone was ready to hear some incredible music. Idles, Not3s, Mabel and IAMDDB got the night going before Mura Masa hit the Mainstage with an absolutely amazing set. From flashing bright lights to high energy dance moves, Mura Masa filled the field to the back and beyond. A set that won’t be forgotten featuring ‘Fireflies’, ‘Lovesick’, ‘What If I Go’, the newest song ‘Move Me’, and even introducing us to new material, ‘Complicated’.  We couldn’t stop dancing after Mura Masa which was perfect for Friday headliners Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson). Despite our feet beginning to tire from the constant dancing, Sundara Karma kept us going with their high energy and lively music that filled ‘Big Top’.


After the early sun came up, there was no lie in for us, but that didn’t stop us excitedly heading to see what Patawawa could bring to Bestival. Despite an early performance they still got people up on their feet dancing, kicking off their set with ‘Fight Me’. With their energy, smiles and that disco fever, they definitely had as much fun as we did.  Their tracks, ‘Diversion’ and ‘Dare to Disco’ brought the funk to the Big Top stage, without a doubt succeeding in getting us ready and raring to go for the day ahead!



A few hours later we witnessed Grace Carter pour her soul into her short but sweet set, featuring her beautiful songs, ‘Silhouette’ and ‘Silence’.  She gathered quite a crowd and her fans proved their loyalty with their constant singing throughout every song. Next up, Black Honey gave quite a performance, with the main singer (Izzy B Phillips) showing off her powerful vocals and talented guitar work. There was no chance you could walk past their set, with Izzy captivating the whole crowd in her bold and bright dress and the heavy drums and distorted guitar sounds, that confidently demand your attention. After exploding the tent with the fan favourites, ‘I Only Hurt the Ones I Love’, ‘Bad Friends’, ‘Corrine’ and their newest track ‘Midnight’, the day turned into the night and hundreds of people gathered around the Mainstage ready to watch, Saturday headliners, London Grammar; A stunning and mesmerizing set erupted from the band, who captivated ears, sent shivers down spines and made hairs stand on end across the festival.


Kicking off the last day at the Main Stage was the singer-songwriter, Blossom Caladrone, who gave a sweet yet powerful performance where her voice filled the massive stage. While her band stood by her side on a few of her songs, they disappeared and left Blossom and her piano to please the audience. Singing a few of our favourites, ‘Fickle Friends’,  ‘1964’, ‘Fairytale Lullaby’, a new song ‘Life Again’ and a work in progress called ‘Bed’, we were left very impressed at how well she commanded such a large stage. Mellah played later on in the afternoon at Bigtop before M.I.A and Rudimental ended Bestival with a bang… or was that the extraordinary firework display? The crowds took over the whole arena, captivated by the incredible circus performance.



With Bestival over for another year, it has certainly left us with a positive view of the festival. Circus acts leaving the audience speechless, the hot sun making it feel like everyone was on holiday and not forgetting the incredible, jam-packed four days full of music, Bestival 2018 did itself proud. All we can hope for, for next year, is better festival toilet management (queue the classic festival toilet complaint!)