Arcade Hearts deliver Pop sensibilities, 80s Disco vibes and an Indie cutting edge on their eponymous EP

If the term “Indie-Disco” was in the dictionary, there would probably be a photo of Portsmouth’s Arcade Hearts next to it. Loaded with dance-able synth grooves, catchy choruses and a considerable amount of depth, they do a great job of melding together the sounds of 80s stalwarts such as The Human League and Gary Numan with a more modern, contemporary vibe. The band provides a unique package that should see them slot nicely among the emerging crop of thriving young Indie bands, and it’s hard not to imagine their music gracing bigger venues and Indie club nights for the foreseeable future.

Arcade Hearts’ debut EP is self-titled and for good reason, it is a showcase of the band and their sound. Opener ‘Humble’ sets the tone with its infectious 80s infused synth hook, something that becomes a staple of this EP. The track is an energetic Indie floor-filler sure to ingrain itself onto the minds of those that hear it. On an EP stacked full of huge choruses, this may come out on top.

If ‘Humble’ employed the bands strengths to create an upbeat riot, then ‘Bleach’ represents the tracks counterpart. Whirring synths dominate again but in a more reserved manner, providing a backdrop to the cathartic and romantic story being told. This track serves to immediately establish the range and emotional depth the band possess, while sacrificing none of the bands charm.

A huge feature of the EP is its consistency. The different tracks and their memorably contagious choruses all stand up alone, but all have the same Arcade Hearts vibe. On ‘Crawling’ the band  incorporate squealing guitars to their air-tight formula for crafting irresistible Indie-Pop. Arcade Hearts DNA is at the centre though, something that the band have done well to establish so early on.

‘Vanity’ closes the self titled EP, a track that juxtaposes melancholy and upbeat sounds. A feature of the track is the particularly slick drumming that stands out amongst the characteristically strong instrumentation. This EP feels like a window into the capabilities of Arcade Hearts and their potential. They seem to churn out Captivating Indie-Pop on a conveyor belt, with no sign of letting up.

Arcade Hearts showcases the diversity and poise of a band destined for bigger things. They have a great sound, a phenomenal work ethic, and all of the potential in the world. Time will tell if they can follow up accordingly.