With strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Weightless is a beautiful collection of intimate songs…

By Harriet Evans

Singer songwriter Adam French has wrapped up a year packed with festival performances by releasing his latest EP, Weightless. Born in Congleton, on the outskirts of Manchester, French taught himself to play the guitar at the age of ten. As a teen, he worked in a local record shop before making his debut on the northern gig scene. Now, French has established himself as a solo artist and moved to London where he now lives in his own demo recording studio-cum-flat.

French has shared a stage with indie icons Miles Kane, Rat Boy, Jack Garratt, Pete Doherty and The Sunshine Underground and recently confirmed he will be supporting Jake Bugg on his upcoming acoustic tour in November, before embarking on his own solo dates in February 2018. You can hear the influence of Rich Cooper – producer to French, Tom Odell and The Mystery Jets – through the rich, harmonious and yet delicate composition of each track; French creates a beautiful, cinematic feeling to the EP as a whole, as if each song would fit perfectly as part of a film soundtrack.

The title track ‘Weightless’ is a raw-stripped back serenade. An isolated soundscape is created through an echoing guitar, producing a sombre and emotion-filled opening to the EP. French says that Weightless reflects the constant changing feelings within a relationship, the lyrics having been written using Adam’s own experiences, which is clear through all the tracks. His versatility and musical skill can be heard through the snatches of electronic loops that mingle with the icy piano chords on ‘My Addiction’. The sheer amount of emotion in his voice is impossible to ignore, and that’s what makes him stand out as an artist.

The cover of The Walkmen’s 2004 single ‘The Rat’ lends itself to an eerie acoustic guitar with trembling strings and vocals full of anguish. Despite being a cover, French has put his own spin on it and given it a fresh take. The wisps of gospel-tinged vocals that bellow through ‘Skin Deep’ and steadily build. The song shifts, following a brief pause, from a relaxed pace resonated by the soft acoustic guitar into a passionate, evocative and heavier sound which brings a powerful ending to the EP.

French’s voice is unquestionably captivating. As the Weightless comes to an end, you are left wanting more. With strong vocals, heartfelt lyrics and in utilising his musical skill, Weightless is truly a beautiful collection of intimate songs.

Adam French’s Weightless EP is available now.